Traveling with dexcom g6 sensor

Hi group :slight_smile: I’m a new member to this forum but after dealing with a few recent headaches and not really finding the info I needed I thought I’d join here.

I’m on a dexcom G6 sensor and no pump and have had some negative experiences dealing with travel. The dexcom website states to not go through body scanners and not put any spare sensors as well as the transmitter through the conveyer. I typically don’t have issues with a hand check on the spares or transmitter but they never allow me to go through the medical detector or use a hand wand requiring me to do the pat down. I don’t necessarily mind the pat down but they always require a female agent and it can take anywhere from 15 min to 45 min to get a female to even arrive to do this and then depending on how thorough they are it takes 15-30 min for the check itself. I already give myself 3 hours before my flight and feel as though that should be enough time but a couple of times I’ve almost missed my flight. I do often fly out of LAX which is a challenging airport with crowds, attitude and agents but I’m wondering what others have experienced. I know a few people go through the body scanner and don’t have a problem but I don’t want to risk it because I have limited supplies and no set in stone address for emergency delivery. Also some of the agents have even given me attitude about not going through the body scanner and act like I’m creating a huge hassle (when in reality it’s a huge hassle for me). I’ve thought about enlisting in the global security process but that takes some time to get established. Other info I’ve found makes it seem like people get to go through a metal detector or even have the female attendant arrive almost immediately but that is never the case for me. Any suggestions?

Thanks! Jenn

Hi @Jenergy79 welcome to Type One Nation. I travel for work so I fly 1-2round trips per month in the states and internationally. I have global entry and it saves time but they still occasionally make me go through the body scanner. It’s a random check.

I have been putting ALL of my supplies through x-ray and just going through the scanner. I don’t have the time or the patients.

You can get TSA pre check pretty easy. Global is better for international and comes with Pre check.

Anyway that’s what I do. If you really really want to go through a manual check of your supplies and your person I would expect it to take either some amount of time or a rather long amount of time which seems to be your experience. There are essentially no other tricks.

My last trip I went through body scan 4 times (twice due to random and twice because the connecting airport had no other metal detectors) with the SAME sensor and transmitter. No problem.

If 3 hours isn’t enough you will have to budget more time I suppose. Whatever you decide I hope you have safe travels. :four_leaf_clover: