Traveling with out extra insulin cartridges

Well it was fine for a weekend get away.  So this past weekend, we left home for three days.  Typically I'm very diligent when packing my testing supplies, and pump supplies.  Well, Saturday came around and I realized I had everything but an extra insulin cartridge for my pump. 

Trip to the drug store right...... Well, I did have extra syringes (just in case my pump went hay wire or something).  Here is what I decided to try.   I used a syringe to fill up the empty cartridge that was in the pump.  Just fill up the syringe, pull back the plunger on the cartridge, and inject the insulin through the small hole in the top of the cartridge where it connects to the tubing.  I was totally scared this wouldn't work as I had never "reused" a cartridge before this.  I just had to prime out a few extra units to get the air bubbles out.

I'm sure I'll never forget my cartridges again.  And I don't imagine this is great advice.  But at least I didn't have to interupt my family's vacation this time in order to find the nearest pharmacy. 

Jason in Orlando

Wow!  I am impressed.  You are very industrious.  Good job.

As far as forgetting - I pack pump supplies 'kits' into ziploc sandwich bags - 1 site with inserter, 1 tubing set, 1 cartridge and the necessary wipes. That way I can just grab 2x the number of bags I think we'll need while we're gone. Though didn't help that one time when I didn't bring any INSULIN with us...(good thing my husband was driving separately and brought it the next day.)