Traveling with Protein Snacks

Hi. I travel a lot and one of my biggest challenges is bringing protein that does not need to be kept cold and the worst part…I’m allergic to all nuts. When I’m driving I take an insulated bag. I always request a mini fridge in hotels but when flying, what nut-free forms of protein don’t require being kept cold?


Have you tried a protein bar? Questbars have a variety or different flavors but you will have to look to see if they have nuts in them. It’s worth a check to your local GNC or Vitamin shoppe

Thanks. I have a few protein bars I can make and purchase. The Quest bars and most others have a warning that they either contain nuts or are manufactured on shared machinery so I can’t have them. Also, I’m looking for pure protein and I know a lot of the bars have at least a serving of carbohydrate.

Some of those cheese sticks have a decent shelf life, especially the Hickory Farms type that you can get in the mall kiosks during the holidays, or online too. Can you do turkey jerky? You can make your own jerky, too.

The Babybel cheese also has a good shelf life. You can bring lunch meat or shedded chicken in a plastic container with an icepack. There are lots that come as a set now. Since you’re diabetic, TSA should allow you to bring through liquids, so you could also bring through muscle milk (comes in light, has tons of protein). Also, hard boiled eggs will keep if they are not peeled. I travel 6 to 10 times a year by air and I have definitely been allowed to bring through things that count as “medicine” food is medicine if you are diabetic!