Traveling with Pump and CGM, Help!

Hey everybody. I'm going on a cruise for my Honeymoon in October. I'm really nervous about traveling with my minimed pump and cgm. I have a letter from my Dr. already but want to get to the nitty gritty. Can I go through the airport scanners with the pump and CGM? Do I need to take them off? If i'm going to the beach for the day possibly snorkel do I leave my pump somewhere? Take the CGM off? I use the IV tape over the CGM but don't want to wear it under water. Just overall freaked out and need some reassurance from anybody who has traveled or maybe lives in a beach area/has experience. Thanks :)

Not sure about the CGM.

For the pump I always disconnect before going through airport security and put pump in my carry on bag.  Don't mention you're a diabetic or are carrying syringes to airport security.... guarantees you'll get special screening.  If I keep quiet I haven't had a problem.

Definitely take the pump off to snorkel.  Snorkeling and being in the water usually brings my blood sugar down, so I still have pretty good blood sugars even if I'm disconnected for hours.  If I'm planning to be in the water for more than an hour, I disconnect and cover the infusion site with waterproof bandages (find them at WalMart or a drug store).  It's best practice to do a new infusion site after you swim in a lake or ocean, but on a beach vacation it may not be possible.

Some people take pump vacations and go back to shots for a week while at the beach.  Frankly I'd rather work around my pump and have good blood sugars.  

Congratulations on your wedding and honeymoon!