As some of you may know I have been traveling across the country for a over a month now, living out of my car, and visiting schools, and potential places to live. It is one of the best experiences of my life! We haven't been Jack Kerouac in style, but pretty cheap.

There are a few things i have learned along the way that i think would be pertenent to who ever is interested in travel here. One is Adjusting insulin to this lifestyle. It ain't easy. In reality you need around 3 different long acking or basal rates for this type of journy- This is why i am VERY thankful for the minimed's 3 pattern system. Here are my 3 major patern types. Lower pettern- this is for when you are out and about running around outside of your car, maybe hiking, traveling by foot, sightseeing. Any of those things where you won't be near your car for a while. The next is Higher patter- This is for the long-hall when you are in your car ALL DAY. For a general rule- in the car for more then 4 hours you need higher pattern- for me about %40 higher then the Middle Pattern. Middle Pattern, this is for a mixed grab bag sort of day. The dose should be right in the middle of the other two patterns. Don't be afraid of adjustable basles and use them often!

Another of the Important things That has been reinforced by my kidneys and high readings is the importance of water. Drink lots of it. This has one BIG draw back though when you are traveling. having to go pee. OMG there have been times when I didn't think I was going to make it. However I can go like a bear in the woods, I'm not to shy, but in the city it is a little bit tricker. Dehydration has been acountable for around 80% of my continued high reading- the ones that don't react to insulin or don't want to go lower then 200.

Lastly- exercise- get it EVERY DAY. I don't care if you run around your car in circles or just out and dance when you get to a pull off. But you HAVE to exercise. Otherwise you will have to go home- and you don't want to do that! Think Butt Crunches =)

Well that is all for now. I have some more to say but i have GOT to get going!! So long! anybody keeping track I am heading south from Seattle tomorrow!


You're headed down my way. I'm in Albany, Oregon. (=

That is very good advice!  i wish i had time to travel!!!  between work and school full time... grr.  thank you for sharing from your experience!