I will be traveling on an airplane for the first time since being dx with T 1 and I was wondering about any information that you find useful or things to watch out for, etc... any help is much appreciated.


Just bring extra stuff. If you are on a pump, make sure to still bring extra syringes just in case the pump breaks, so you can cover the 24 hrs it will take to get a new one sent to you. If you are traveling international and are on a pump, you have the option to get a loaner, but those can be a hassle in itself. You can pack your backup stuff in your checked baggage, but make sure you have enough stuff in your carry on to get you through a couple days if they lose the luggage.

I travel a lot for work - have never had an issue with the supplies getting through the security or checked bags screening, but it is a good idea to have a letter from you Dr explaining you are a diabetic and carry "......" supplies for management. Mine just wrote one sentence on prescription pad! My mom has issues changing time zones/eating times, but I never have, so just be prepared mentally for something like that to happen. It all depends on how sensitive you are to changing your schedule.

Most importantly, have fun!

Thank you!!  I do have a pump...hopefully everything goes good!! 

Hi rbobiak, 

This recent thread had a lot of ideas for air travel.  Hope this helps.



The website of the airline you are traveling with should have some info to help you out as well!