Travelling with the Omnipod


 I am flying to N.C in a few weeks. I just started on the Omnipod a few weeks ago. Love it!

I was on the ANIMAS pump before & whenever I flew, it was such a hassle at the airport. My last experience was awful. They acted like they didn't know what Diabetes was. They went through ALL my stuff & wiped EVERYTHING down. Frustrating & embarrasing. Plus, scanned my entire body. I almost missed my flight. And I got there early.

Anyway, do you think it will be easier with the Omnipod or harder? I hope it doesn't set off the detectors.





the onmipdod does not set off the detectors and it isint a problem in secutirty cause you just tell them im diabeteic and i need this stuff in here and they let you go through.

Thank you Ryan!

That makes me feel a lot better knowing that.