Treated Like Glass! AGH!

OK, does anybody else get treated like glass? The teachers at my school are great, exept that I can't sit down without people panicking. Like one time, I got low during my choir lesson, and I sat down on the floor. So 4 weeks later, I sit down again, to tie my shoe. My teacher freaks out. I can't leave some classes without teachers saying, "Are you ok?" (You'd think me pointing at my pump and mouthing "I'm leaving" would be enough.) AGH! I can't stand people thinking I'm fragile. I signed up to do show choir, and a bunch of people said that they didn't think I should becuase of my diabetes. (Yeah, right.) Just saying. AGH!!!!

Oh yeah. Will you guys remember I'm really irritated right now?

what?! not sing in a show choir because of your diabetes? wow that's just not cool. when i was in high school i was in the accappella choir (can't remember for the life of me how to spell it). i even went to california for a choir tour and one of the chaperones was a T1. just tell them thank you for caring and prove them wrong by testing your blood. sometimes other people are also a good way to know if you are low. believe me it's not fun being low and thinking you are just tired. this happened just yesterday it's good to know that they care about you, but tell them you are ok, if they aren't happy with that answer prove them wrong if they were right thank them again and do your business.

Hi Maria Rose

I can really relate to your post.

It is really hard to get a balance - I want people to help me if I'm low and understand if I'm rundown because of erratic BSLs, but at the same time I get fed up at times with being treated as an invalid. I try and think that in general people don't know a heap about type 1, and put myself in their shoes.

At a school I used to teach at we had a student aged 9 with a severe heart problem. I didn't teach him, but was always conscious of him when he was in the playground. This poor kid was just trying to be a kid, but everyone was so watchful because of what might happen ... and I would probably overfuss if I thought there was a problem. I guess he feels a bit like we do....

it is because everyone is afraid of the unknown. if its something that they dont know, theyre scarred of it.

[quote user="lizzyb"] I want people to help me if I'm low and understand if I'm rundown because of erratic BSLs, but at the same time I get fed up at times with being treated as an invalid.[/quote]


I know! It's so hard to find that happy medium!

i do fell like im treated like glass having trouble getting my sugar to come up i mean i am a total tomboy but i cant be when my bs is low i get very emotional and i fell like i havent ate in decades hyopfully this helps

Oh I feel you. Trust me.

oh i know and it suckes most people you dont even know just look at you and asume your a freak

hey im going to bed im tiered can we talk tomorrow umm what state do you live in 


WHO WUD EVER SAY U CANT SING CUZ U HAVE DIABETES....! ---AGH! is right ---i hate wen people think they now wats best for u wen they clearly have no idea!

have they ever heard of Elliotte Yamin? sheesh people. sorry coming back from a low. i get cranky sometimes when im low. :D