Treating Low BGs

Hey guys! My BG went low the other night, and while I was trying to follow the Rule of 15 (15 grams of carbs and then wait 15 minutes before testing again), I found that I could not wait the 15 minutes. I just felt so horrible - shaky, weak, and slightly sad. I ended up scarfing down a slice of pizza just to make the bad feelings go away. So much for trying to follow the Rule of 15. Has anyone else had trouble treating lows like this? How do you not cram anything/everything in your mouth to feel better?

I had that happen just yesterday...again.  That rule is not applicable when your sugar is headed for the canyon floor in a free fall, at least not in mine, between the (2) two possible outcomes, higher is much better than lower. I pulled a can of whipped cream and pushed the nozzle as many times as I had to, and I am not sure how many times that was. I took the meter reading after my nerves calmed and adjusted from there. Very Low Blood Sugar can cause coma much faster than very high blood sugar. Not nearly the warning time involved, and with the very low sugars, forget thoughts - they do not exist anymore.

Child size juice boxes and small prepackaged Rice Krispy treats will help you get quick sugar in a small amount.  Middle of the night lows used to make me so hungry!  But if you eat an extra Rice Krispy treat or 2, it won't skyrocket blood sugar since each has only 17g carb and they're filling enough.  

sometimes, the 15 rule does not work. Last night I dropped to 56 had 30 carbs and an hour later was only 89. Wouldn't be bad but I was going to bed so I took another 15. Then 1/2 hr later I felt low again, I was 79 and just drank a cup of juice (30 carbs). When i originally went low, I felt terrible and I could tell I was going lower because I was feeling a lot worse so that's why I took the 30 then.

I usually treat and while I'm waiting I'll still want to eat (then end up overcorrecting) so I'll treat, then eat sugar free jello instead of everything else in sight, test again and see what happens. Sometimes it takes a really long time to get back to normal, which is annoying. Why does it take so long?

I know how u feel 15 mins can be the longest amount of time in the world when your sugars are still dropping. If I am really feeling terrible I actually do about 30 carbs for 15 mins so that I feel goo in the wait. I have a small juice box and then something like a rice Krispy or crackers. Pizza is probably the worst because it is a lot of carbs and a complex carb which could mess up your bgl for the next few hours. I usually am okay with just the 30 carbs and stay in range.

That happens to me A LOT! I shove things in my mouth to get the icky feeling out of my body. I usually do 30 or maybe 20 it helps a lot. It should work.

Oh my god ... that is just the worst feeling! I just lie down and take deep, slow breaths, telling myself I'll feel better in a few minutes.

My son has low blood sugars results in him having a seizure. When he recovers to does not remember what happened. He usually bites his tongue so hard that it bleeds and it is hard for him to eat until it heals. I am wondering if this has happened to anyone else? Also, as his mother how do I support him without nagging. He is twenty five years old.

To oggiegirl… In 61 yrs with T1D, from age 21 yrs, I’ve not had a seizure. I had one momentary pass out, a few wake ups just able to reach for the sweets, and thousands of low BG’s but was able to function okay.I lived alone and my attitude was “I can handle this myself” and I did. I have no T1D related health problems.
What age did your son get T1D ? What is his insulin treatment routine? Does he check his BG with a meter regularly? Does his Doc check his A1C levels and what are his numbers? Does he seizure while he is awake or while sleeping? Does he have low BG’s that he feels coming on and is able to function enough to eat something sweet with out having a seizure. How often does he seizure?
We didn’t have BG meters or A1C tests for my first 35 yrs of T1D, and I was lucky to be able to feel a low BG coming on… BUT WE ARE ALL NOT THE SAME!!!
What My Mom did back then was invite me over for a nice balanced meal…

My goal was to talk with someone who has seizures to. When he has a seizures his body shakes he bites his then he stops shaking and he collapsed and started to breathe really hard. When he wakes up he does not remember what happened. It reminds me ellipse seizures.

Does your son have continuous glucose monitor? It would help him and you.I had a very bad low and I believe I had a seizure before I got my c g m. It has saved my life. It sounds like he has non warning hypoglycemia. With a lot of lot of lows type 1’s can develop this condition. What does his Dr. Say about all of this? Has he been tested for epilepsy? Tell him you love him and you really want him go thrive and be independent, but you worry about his lows. Okay so dexcom has a share system for parents. I have the unit but I’ve not singed up for the share portion so I’m not sure how it works exactly. You’d be able to watch the fluctuations of his blood sugars as they are happening. If you have a good relationship with him, this could help both of you. You could call him before he gets too low and ask him to take some juice or glucose tabs and call you back in 15 minutes. I was a rebell and very independent when I was his age, but I’d talk to my mom. Maybe he has a close friend who could also do the share plan with him. I get more belligerent when I’m low with some people and others can make me do anything… like eat glucose.

Yes, to all that want to grab anything to eat when you go low - I know the feeling. So—I also know about the 15 carbs or 30 but then what ??? What do you do next after you get the BG back to normal -----eat, wait until the next meal —??

My 5 yr. old grandson was diagnosed a year and a half ago with type 1. I would like to ask about his behavior. There are many times when his behavior is “odd”. For instance things that would normally be a disappointment or a sudden change can cause him to go off by himself and pout,walk away, or cry right out of the blue. Other times it doesn’t bother him at all. My question is could he be feeling some sort of sensation that could be causing him to act this way before his numbers begin to fall? His mom tells me that his numbers are fine when I ask if she has checked him however within a short amount of time (maybe 1/2 hr. or so) his numbers will be on the low side. She tells me he is just being a brat or that’s just “him” but I really believe that maybe he feels some sort of aura that comes on before the drop. could this be it or is this just normal 5 yr old stuff. Thank Tina

Tina, I hope you get this… this site is a puzzle to me…
any way… It’s possible that he has been coming down from a high or high normal at a fast pace, so he checks normal at first, and then low… It is that somewhat rapid drop that can cause his behavior… I can “feel” low and check normal, then little while later check low… Some “experts” think that if you are running above normal most of the time, then a normal makes you “feel” “low”… I don’t agree completely… I am T1D for 62 yrs, since age 21… NO T1D complications !!

Thanks for your reply. Could you tell me what it feels like to you?