Treating lows at night with juice

Hi all! Just wondering if any other parent is having this issue with their child’s teeth. My daughter has been diagnosed for about 3 and a half years now and when she goes low at night, I usually treat with a juice. I just noticed that the back of her front bottom teeth are starting to discolor. Should I be rinsing her mouth with water right after?

I’ve read that colored drinks can cause staining so if she’s getting grape juice as opposed to say orange or apple that could be the culprit. A visit to the dentist might be a good idea for peace of mind and to rule out anything. Some meds can cause tooth discoloration although I don’t knew that children would use them or use them long enough to have that effect.

hi @Khepler2009 Katie, Welcome. I wouldn’t say “rinse out” but it couldn’t hurt to follow up a juice drink with a sip of water. I was chewing glucose tabs and going back to sleep, then when my dentist asked “hey what the heck” regarding the surface of my molars… so I follow up any sugar with a simple drink of water.

I also urge you to talk with a dentist… too much fluoride, and other things, can cause discoloration.

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