Treating lows when sick

I’m in my first trimester and have been getting sick several times a day and running very low. Unfortunately juice, glucose tablets, popsicles, all make me throw up. What did everyone use to treat lows when dealing with morning sickness/all day sickness?

I’ve never been pregnant before but one of my go tos when I’m naseous or have a stomach bug is Gatorade. It can get you up quick too. I’m not sure if that’s much help but at least something else to give a try!

Hi @Amcquarry and welcome to TypeOneNation. My wife claims that peppermint candies saved her life when she was pregnant with our son. She’s not T1 but the candy is sugar so it should help with both. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Hi @Amcquarr…Welcome to the forum and huge congratulations! I don’t have children either (hopefully you’ll get some responses from women who went through pregnancy with Type1) but crackers tend to soothe the stomach. I haven’t had stomach issues in a while but saltines crackers helped. Ginger ale helps with nausea too, although you may want to check with your OB.
As always you’ll want something with some staying power (such as it is under the circumstances) to help keep your numbers from bouncing up and down. Don’t forget to see your nutritionist if you haven’t already - they should be able to give you more suggestions about gentler foods and help you adjust for your body’s changing needs during pregnancy. Again, congratulations!

Candied ginger (or ginger hard candies) were my go-to when I was pregnant. Plain toast, or maybe with butter. Plain rice, again maybe with butter. Jello. For whatever reason, I could eat eggs, so I did a lot of those for my protein. Honestly, you should try a little of whatever you think you can keep down.

And you can talk to your OB/GYN and endo about Zofran, if you need to. It’s not recommended for pregnant women “unless necessary,” but you and your medical team can weigh the risks in your situation. We keep it in the house for when my T1D daughter is nauseous or vomiting (she’s preteen, so not pregnancy-related), and the couple of times she’s needed it, it really helped.

Hang in there. Babies are 100% worth it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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