Treatment refused by a doctor

I recently went to an endo (in my search for one) and she told me she only treats patients who will go on the pump. She than proceeded to say she would not prescribe insulin to me because that would be “encouraging” me to stay on shots. As if i was like a druggie looking for meds!! I found this to be quite offensive. I was wondering if anyone else has had an experience such as this. Needless to say, she will NOT be my doc! even if i was considering the pump…anyone have any recommendations for an endo in the north jersey area?

What a terrible experience!

My doctor was very unhappy with my decision to go off the pump (for financial reasons.. it's just not something I can afford right now) and was very rude about getting me onto a Lantus regime.

I'm sorry you had to deal with that.. but hey, at least you know you won't be seeing her!  Is there a local JDRF or ADA near you?  Maybe you could call them and get a recommendation for an endo?

Good luck to you!


I had an endo who wanted me to take a pump training class when I wasn't even considering the pump... and she made me take a carb counting class after being diabetic for almost two decades!  I was very offended by the carb class since I wasn't having problems counting carbs, it turned out I just had to take Lantus in the morning AND at night since I wasn't reacting to the insulin as I should have been.  So anyway, I told her that I had classes at the U during these sessions and a test during the pump class in particular.  She got very offended and told me that if I missed a class she wasn't going to treat me anymore.  In the end, I went to the carb class (which was freakin' 4 hours with these clueless, old type 2's... and the teacher asked me why I was even there! LOL).  I did skip the pump class though, and I never saw that endo again!  HOWEVER, I am in the pump now, but I was not forced to, I chose it because I was tired of injecting myself so many times and wanted to see if the pump was a better option for me.  It is!

I hope you find a suitable endo for you!  Unfortunately, I don't live in that area so I can't give you any recommendations :(

thats ridiculous! what a waste of time - i thought docs were supposed to help! i bet you could have taught the carb class with your eyes closed! Glad to hear teh pump worked for you - i really dont mind injecting and dont like having external wires and junk but thats a personal choice. thanks for sharing - at least i know im not the only one experiencing these crazy issues!

Wow that is horrible!!

One thing that bothers me the most is being compaired to Type 2's and Gestational Diabetics.  It drives me crazy.   I like the fact that there are only type 1's in this Juvenation site, because most diabetes sites have more Type 2's and no offence to them but we are different in care and management.

I agree! They are essentially two different diseases, and i hate it that they always have blurbs “cure for diabetes!” only to find out they are talking about type 2 diabetics, which, majority of the time can be controlled trhough diet/excercise anyways!! so frustrating!

well, I can say that I've seen most of the doctors in my area, and one in particular is lucky that I didnt strangle him!    I saw him once and waklsed out of his ofice!    

   I have to say that I finally found a great endo, who actually called me to see how I was liking the pump!   


I think a lot of doctors, forget that they are not only assisting to manage a disease but a person as well!    Previous endos I saw made me feel like a pice of meat, not listening to my concerns..... It got so bad that I stoppped seeing the endo for a few years!   



wow! i've gotta say I've never heard anything like this before. I usually here about people fighting to get ON the pump! That is so strange. The pump really isn't for everyone and especially with things like lantus injections are a much better option than they used to be. I personally love my pump but there are plenty of people who for whatever reason stick with injections and they can have just as good control as someone on a pump. Good luck finding an endo. In the end the search will be worth it cuz you do want to find someone who will try to understand you and where you are coming from.