Trend Graph Disappears

When I replaced my Dexcom Sensor a few days ago the trend graph on my Tandem 2x disappeared. I would see a few data points but nothing of note. I do get the full trend graph on my iPhone however. I do still get readings and arrows on my pump. Technician told me that if it did not correct itself with next sensor change I might need a new receiver. I have been on my current receiver for only a couple of months. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

I don’t know if this is connected or not, but I thought you could only use one receiver at a time unless perhaps you’re sharing? I don’t share (call me mean) so I’m happy for correction.

You can use both. I share with both my boyfriend and my son. I am hypo unaware so I need backup.

Technically, Synthia @synstokesyahoo-com , the Tandem t-Slim AND the DexCom receiver can not work simultaneously. Although, when I first changed to the G6, both my pump and receiver did work together one time. The fact that both can not be used at the same time is spelled out in the User Manual; I’m surprised at the response you got from Tech Support. After trying, and failing to connect both, I packed my Receiver away in the box.

I have no problem connecting both my Pump and my Phone simultaneously and receiving full graphs on both; and for your two “followers”, the connection to your phone is what is needed.

I have been using the pump and phone both as receivers up until now. The pump offers the advantage of basal suspend. I use the phone because I cannot always get quick access to my pump when I have an alarm. Sometimes I have difficulty hearing or even feeling the pump alerts. I have a conditions called Menieres and I have significant hearing loss in my right ear. I’m just a mess. LOL

Dennis, I was told when changing the sensor that the pump and then the phone must be paired in that order for them both to work.

I’m so sorry to hear about your hearing loss, but I’m glad you found a successful way to get your alerts. Some time ago there were a couple of posts from people who were unable to hear their CGM alerts while asleep Hears NOTHING at night!.
A number of suggestions were shared by I don’t recall this one. You might want to share yours - who knows, you may have found something that works for them!

Hi @synstokesyahoo-com. I think there was some confusion about the term receiver. Some probably thought you were talking about the DEXCOM G6 receiver. The phone plus pump scenario works fine, as you know. My DEXCOM rep told me it is more reliable to control sensors with the DEXCOM phone app, then let the pump catch up. When you spoke to a technician, was it a Tandem tech? If not, I suggest you give them a call. Is it possible you also changed the transmitter, but didn’t update the transmitter number in the pump?

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Synthia @synstokesyahoo-com, @mikefarley has a couple of important facts for you. What is important, is that you begin and finish the entire process on only one device. Either your phone, or your pump.

Are you calling your phone your “receiver”?

Yes. I am calling the phone my receiver. I never received a receiver with the Dexcom G6 as I used with the G5. I always stay on the same sensor and pump/phone receiver for the entire life of the sensor. When I change sensor I start new sensor and put in new code.

It was a Tandem rep I spoke with since the missing trend graph is on my pump. I am going to wait until my next sensor change in a few days and see what happens with the graph. I suppose it is possible I put the code into the phone first instead of the pump and it is causing the lost graph. I am happy I am getting matching numbers and arrows on both devices.

I upgraded to G6 from G5, and as I understand it (if you ever need this) we who upgraded, also need to our G5 receiver to communicate with the G6 system - we have to wait for receiver warranty to expire before we’ll get a new one.
Letting you know in case you ever need a backup…

Good to know. Hold on to the old equipment. I had to go back to using my old Medtronic Paradigm when my insurance would not release my Tandem supplies.