Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle

I have 3 little ones and have some extra weight that I would like to lose (20 lbs is my goal). I’ve been looking for a group of Type 1’s ONLY who are following or would like to follow the THM (Trim Healthy Mama) lifestyle. There is a THM Diabetics group on FB that is really helpful, but it is a combination of T1’s, T2’s, gestational and those cooking for or living in the same house as a diabetic (any kind). I’m not currently strictly following THM, but have lost about 12 lbs from just eating healthier. I NEED to exercise consistantly, I just have to find a way to fit that in with my three little ones (6, 4, & 3).

I know it’s been many months since you posted this but I am interested in THM. I just started reading the book a couple of days ago.

Is this something you are still interested in?

Yes, I am. I just got my Dexcom CGM in January, so I’ve been focusing on that for a while. I would like to focus on food…and need to reread my book! There are lots of delicious recipes in there…I just have to remember to watch what goes in & when. :slight_smile: