Trimester #2--lows?

Hi ladies!

Well, I have started my 17th week and I am just waiting for this notorious insulin resistance to kick in... but I have been having a lot of lows lately--I am not complaining! They aren't very severe, but I have noticed that I am feeling symptoms when I am in the 50's when I usually felt them in the 60's. I will be talking to by endo today at my appointment about this, but just wondering if anyone else experienced this. I think it may be related to my job--we have been so busy lately at work, I would usually go back and "graze" throughout the day on fruit and other healthy snacks and I haven't had a chance lately. With being in the stage of pregnancy I am now, Baby probably is needing more food. We'll see what adjustments I need today at my appointment. Stay healthy!!



I am also 17 weeks, and I'm having the same experience. I still have lows, but I have started to need a little more insulin at night. My hypoglycemic unawareness is terrible, though. I don't feel any lows until I'm 35. Thank god for my Dexcom -- it alerts me if I'm trending down, and I can check my blood, usually in the 50's.  

I was always told type 1's would experience lows in the first trimester. For me, it started like clockwork as soon as I hit the 2nd trimester. And like you mentioned, I didn't feel it until it was lower than usual. For me, I didn't feel it until I was in the 40's.

Insulin resistance didn't start for me until 3rd trimester.   I had slightly lower blood sugars in 2nd, but I was also so much more active after the exhaustion of first few months was gone.

Kelly you might not be feeling low until 50 because your overall blood sugars are lower with tighter blood sugar control in your pregnancy.  To say what you already know... test a lot and catch lows quickly.

Glad everything is going so well for your pregnancy.  

Jenna, I am so glad you are on here, you have the best advice and have been so helpful. Not just on this post but I follow other posts--I have the same issues as other women and you have helped me out NUMEROUS times!! Just wanted to let you know =) THanks!!

Thanks for your kind words.  I've learned so much and been encouraged by others on this site too.  It's cool that we can help each other out.  

Before too long you'll be posting a picture of your new baby!   You'll love being a mom.  It's a lot of work, but such a blessing.    Take care.  -Jenna