Trouble reconnecting the infusion set on the Minimed Paradigm 522 after a shower (w/ cap)

Hi y'all - my first post! Yay!

So I just switched to a pump from being on a cocktail in December 2008. My father's been on his minimed for about 7 years, and I've been happy with mine so far.

But something's happened to me twice. I put the "cap" on the infusion site before I shower. I have a few of them I rotate in and out each time I change infusion sets.

They click on a little harder than usual, then when I get out of the shower, I can't get the ring from the infusion set to reconnect, and end up having to toss the entire set.

Does this happen to anyone else? Anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks for any help you have.

I have a Minimed too and I'm pretty sure you're talking about the Quick Sets. I use those, and you actually don't need to cap the site before showering, only if you're going to take a bath or go swimming (submerging your site in water). I would say, just don't cap while showering; disconnect and leave the site alone. But, how exactly is the set ring not reconnecting? Like, is it going on at all? Going on, going partway around, then stopping? When I first went on the pump I had trouble feeling how the set was supposed to reconnect. Gradually I learned to hold the taped site down so it is taught against the skin and can't move around, then reconnect. Also, I would suggest using only the cap that comes with the infusion set. Others may be ever so slightly different, and could cause problems. Don't force a cap on, if it's not going on try a different one. They should go on with the same ease as the infusion set itself.

I had the  same problem a while ago. It didn't matter what I did it wouldn't reconnect. It just fell off at first though, I was laying on the couch and bumped it. I just switched sets.

Hmm, that's strange. Never had that happen to me before. I guess if it doesn't happen often, just deal, but if it starts happening frequently I would call Medtronic to see if they have any suggestions.

Personally, we have never used the caps. My daughter has been pumping for about 4 yrs or so. Never had any problems. I might ask your doc or call minimed and ask. Hope all goes well.

I had a bad experience with reconnecting the Quicksets when I had been on the pump for a few months, went to the Caribbean, and found that the sand and salt water eroded/got stuck in all of my sets and I couldn't reconnect to my pump.  I hadn't been using the caps but now I do whenever I'm swimming in the ocean. 

Still, this has happened to me very rarely after disconnecting to take a shower as well.  It's frustrating, but this is the only problem I can ever recall with the Quicksets so I have stuck with them for about 5 years.

This will happen when the ring is removed at an angle. Just rotate the outside portion of the infusion set so the grooves line up and you can put the infusion line ring connector back on. No reason to trash the set.

Here is an illustration of the quickset instructions.



I've been using the quick set almost 6 years.  Only had trouble once, where the quick set would not click or lock back on.  Something was broke, but I changed infusions and was fine.  I'm no help here...

Yes, I had the same thing happen with several sets a few months ago, using the same cap the set came with.  Had to toss the set as you did and start over.  This is a Minimed 522.

What does" being on a cocktail"  mean?


Is it actually a necessity to cap?

 I have been on a Minimed Paradigm for 5 years and I have never capped it for bathing or swimming.

I've always capped because the directions say so, but since you don't have any problems, it must not be necessary.  I always reused syringes and had no problems.