Trouble with CGM coming off due to exercise

Hi! I am a 29 year old T1D trying to get my A1C lowered. I just started using the Freestyle Libre and it’s been CHANGING MY LIFE. however, i cant seem to get it to stay on. I use SkinTac on the sensor, and put tape all over it, and it still falls off every time, about day 6 or 7 of 10. That is after re-taping and re-gluing a couple of times. I have pretty oily skin and sweat alot when i workout, which is around 5 days a week. I am frustrated and feel like i have tried so many things. Any suggestions from you T1D’s out there? Anyone else have issues with this?

i have small forearms and i use that its really great!

you put the sensor on your forearm?

yes i do its a great place it doenst really get in my way

@kmally4883, hi Kristin… back of the arm maybe. you have to find a spot that sweats…less. I don’t think anything would stick to me for more than 7 days either but I am not a libre user. good luck

SkinTac is the most aggressive skin glue around, make sure you use alcohol on the skin and let it dry b4 the skintac, let the skintac dry before application. I found the key to longevity is sealing the edges after application of the sensor. During vigorous exercise I tape a paper towel above the sensor on my upper arm muscle to keep sweat from dripping down, also try to keep the sensor from direct water in the shower.

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Check out this website
I use these and they work great!

Grifstrips work great. I never have to worry about my cgm coming off. Lasts for weeks. I do put my sensor on my upper arm however.

Hi Kristin, I’ve been using the Libre now for three months. I started it in the winter and it stuck on the whole 11 days each time just fine. Now it’s really hot out, after the gym one day, coming home and mowing, weed eating, then showering, it fell off. Surprised me because it’s stuck on like super glue till then. So, with hot weather I’m being more careful; I always shave the back of my arm, make sure the alcohol wipe is totally dry, and then when I apply it I always have loose relaxed skin; meaning I don’t raise my elbow up to see the application from that angle cuz that stretches my skin. I also don’t wash over it and pat dry with a towel. Outside of the U.S. T1D’s do apply it in other injection site areas, as long as it’s where you have interstitial fluid mostly and not muscle under the skin. The back of the arm is where it was FDA approved over here but you can apply it in other places. Wherever you hit it the least with clothing too. On the arm it’s more possible to wear some type of absorbing wrap for the sweaty gym and active days. Hope this helps!

I just started using the Libre a month ago and had the same problem. My first 2 started falling off around day 3 or 4. I ordered Simpatch adhesive patches through Amazon and they’ve been working pretty well. There’re doughnut shaped ones that fit around the sensor that work well if you put them on just right, but they’re hard to put on the back of the arm ( There are also solid ones that go right over the sensor that are a lot easier to apply ( That’s what I’ve been using for the last week and I haven’t had a single problem with it. My dad also found a company called RockaDex ( if you want fun shapes and colors.

Hello Kristin,

I play goalie position for an ice hockey group and found that using either upper hip area, just below the belt line is the best.

Take care, Guy

Hi Kristin,

I live in sunny California, and commute 65 miles every day by bicycle, so I know all about getting sweaty! I shave my skin before applying my Dexcom sensor. I don’t have much hair on the areas beside my belly button (thats where I insert), but the very fine fuzzy hairs that you can hardly see still make the patch stick less tightly to my skin. A quick shave does the trick for me.

Dr. Dennis Van Hoof, PhD, CLC

Thanks! i’ve been using the Simpatch too!.. they seem to fall off of me too, but ill try the Rockadex.

Thanks! i might try another location.

Thank you, Patty! Ill do some research… it comes off usually after ONE day if i’m sweating… im in OK though at its about 95 here

Oily skin can certainly be a problem; so can hair. I have skin that’s a little oily, but have found that shaving the area for the sensor (or infusion set) works well. YMMV!