Trouble with insulin site in thighs

When I put my infusion set on thigh area sites, it almost always gets infected and I have have to remove it.  I use very clean technique, and I dont get the site dirty.  I usually wear my pump site in my abdomen, and never have that problem there.  I just wonder if that happens to anyone else?

I don't have any problems at all with thigh sites... 


I never use my thighs, because everytime I have to pull up my pants it gets knocked out. You should contact your doc to see if there is anything else going on.

Hey Caterina,

I have tried my thigh once or twice but like Gina I find when i pull up my pants my set keeps wanting to come out, I've also tried a site just under my rib cage and it got pretty infected so now I just use my stomach. I find that finding a place as comfortable as my stomach is quite difficult for me cause when I try new sites it is uncomfortable(sleeping on it, sitting on it or just not used to it) and just bugs me enough that I have to change the site earlier than usual. I would talk to your dr. and pump trainer to see what they sites that might be less of a problem area.

I have found that my sites never work when I try my thighs, so I just quit trying to use them.

I use the love handles and my rear end mostly.  I've tried my thigh and it worked for a while but I stopped after a big gusher left a huge bruise.  Try this for new "site real estate".  We are mostly limited to an area that can be reached w/ both hands, right?   I'm right handed, but if I reach around my back w/ my left hand there is an area on my rear and lower back that I could never reach with both hands.   It is hard to put into words.  Of course when ready to switch to my left side, I'll reach around my back w/ my right hand.  It seems simple but helps with rotating and letting those other sites heal.   I hope this makes sense, it has helped me.


I recently had to switch my sites (I've been using my stomach - the whole year and a half I've had my pump - and the doc wasn't too happy with the wear and tear tissue in my tummy) I've tried quite a few different places...farther out on the sides of my tummy, my thighs and even the fatty "buttocks" area. I was terrified of trying these new places because they're more awkward and not what I'm used to. I don't really like using my thighs because of the changing pants issue where it gets caught or comes off and HURTS! or I'll be sleeping and it will catch when I roll over and wake me up. I sleep a lot on my sides so thighs aren't very ideal for me.

I will always like the stomach but since I'm limited to using that as much I usually like putting it on the butt just above where you sit down. This way you don't sit too much on the site and feel uncomfortable.

Also, the type of sites I just got have helped a lot. They are called Mio's and the needle is steel so the tube is less likely to kink during insertion or after it's in. The springer comes preloaded and also includes a super sticky adhesive so even if I do have my site on my thighs, it's less likely to come off no matter what I'm doing. Also, the stronger tubing helps prevent kinking :) Super painless and easy to use no matter what site spot you choose! :)