Trouble with lows after exercise

Hello I'm Drew,

I have been diabetic for almost 9 years now and lately I am really struggling with lows after exercise. I am a sophomore in college. I played sports like football, lacrosse, soccer, and track all through out high school and for the past year I have been routinely going to the gym about 5 times a week. My summer schedule of lifting/running was pretty intense and I had it figured out pretty well so that I wasn't waking up in the night with low blood sugars. Now that I have returned to school I am in even more of a routine and eating a healthier diet and still working out, slightly less intensity with slightly more cardiovascular work than before (running and jogging). For the past week I have been working out daily for about 40-55minutes a day and I have been low almost 3 or more times each day/night. I am on the pump and often use my temp basals at percentages of 30% for almost 4 hours... and I have also tried lowering my Bolus rates before and after my workouts. I am kind of lost in what to do to get a little bit more control in this situation. I have tried eating before the workout and also after the workout with sometimes as little as 1 to 3 units of insulin for 50 carbs. Before workouts I typically consume gatorade or capri sun (uncovered) and after I have been trying several different thing (protein shakes, smoothies, various sports drink, uncovered meals at dinner, slightly less coverage dinner). I typically work out at 7pm and try to cover less for dinner before, but I am still low the rest of the night. I would to hear some advice or insight from others experiences.