lately i've ben well.... lying... to my parents about my numbers and my dad figured it out today. it was a wakeup call. i feel absolutel horrible. it brakes my moms heart and i hate to see her in pain. she is my life. when i was doing this it was likei was in a haze. now im snapped out of it but what if i slip in it again? i need a friend that will help and support me, without harshness. i just need help not a lecture. sos.

Hi Livvy,

I know exactly where you're coming from...  When I was your age, I also used to lie about my numbers, not only to my parents, but to my doctor too.  It seemed a lot easier to do that than to deal with another "lecture".  I'm sure my doctor knew the truth, given that my A1Cs did not really reflect the numbers I was showing him.  BUT, it all caught up to me later in life, when I started to develop complications.  At that point, I just wanted to kick myself!  If I hadn't lied, we all could have worked on figuring out how to make those numbers better for real.

I guess what I'm saying is that being a teenager already has enough challenges.  Living with diabetes definitely adds to that list.  This is the point where you, yourself, will be growing up, both in a physical sense as well as in maturity.  Since your parents have already found out the truth, now is your chance to start up a clean slate.  If you are tempted to "fudge" your numbers again, think about what it'll mean for you in the long run... 

It's not easy, but it's worth it!  Good luck!


Its normal to lie about your numbers because you don't want to feel like a failure to your parents. They can tend to be a bit harsh on us because they want us to live a long and healthy life. Its easier to just tell them the truth so that they can help you get your numbers better and if something is bothering you about your blood sugars or about diabetes you should tell your parents. I doubt they would get mad at you for being honest.