Trying not to get my hopes up

I'm 11 dpo and my husband and I have been TTC for a few months with the OPK's.  I know that your sugars go wacky when your hormones start increasing and mine have been pretty even keeled beforehand, but with some highs now.  Today I woke up at 283 after going to bed at 115 and drinking a small glass of chocolate milk (and bolusing for it!), I dropped down to 79 after doing my correction and needed juice because I started to drop further.  I spent a little time with my pump off for my shower, put it back on and ate two fun sized butterfingers as a snack and bolused for those.  By the time lunch rolled around, I'd shot up to 458, a number I've not seen in over 6 months.  Now I know it's possible some of my boluses messed up, even with the bolus calculator, but  I've had slightly sore breasts and been ridiculously tired so I'm crossing my fingers, but everytime I think "I'm pregnant", it winds up not being true!  I just don't know what to think, that high of blood sugar seemed like a sign to me, what do you all think?

All I can say is I wouldn't be drinking chocolate milk and eating butterfingers. There's lots of sugar-free chocolate and substitutes out there. And fruit is delicious as well when you want something sweet and is good for you!

Crazy BGs were my first sign of pregnancy. Good luck!

I agree, chocolate milk and butterfingers aren't the best food choices. When I found out i was pregnant my educator immediatley gave me a meal plan, Saltine crackers were even out because they were too "sugary" and made my blood sugars shoot straight up. Whole wheat crackers and bread, protein, fruit, veggies, are pretty much what you have to get used to. Before I was pregnant I could bolus for sugary snacks or white bread stuff and be fine, but since I got pregnant that doesn't work so well. Also make sure you're bolusing at least fifteen minutes before you eat so your insulin isn't chasing the carbs.

Thanks guys, I started the chocolate milk because I was on the chocolate milk diet, where you drink one glass when you wake up, another before you work out and another after you work out.  The butterfingers I just had a crazy craving for the past week or so.  Usually, I can eat most things and as long as I take my boluses for the carbs, I'm fine.  I checked just to make sure it wasn't the butter fingers later in the day.  I tested earlier, it was 394, bolused, an hour later, it was 148, was worried I would plummet, so I ate 3 glucose tabs and some smarties, and it jumped back up to 304, now I just ate my afternoon snack and I was at 178.  My Aunt Flo isn't due til Tuesday, but I have an appointment with my dietician on Monday for my yearly meeting with her, I'm not sure if I should just postpone it until after I find out, go to the urgent care doctor tomorrow and ask for an HCG test, or just tell her at the appointment I *might* be pregnant and ask for a new meal plan.

Just start eating healthy.  It's good to be eating healthy before being pregnant, not just during the pregnancy.  I'm 20 weeks pregnant and would never dream of eating candy or glucose tabs, ever.  Like Porter said, try some fruit if you're low or if you're really low, fruit juice (without sugar added).  I have a weird protein deficiency and splenda (surcalous) makes me go insanely high.  Like within a half hour of eating something with splenda in it, i'm 600-800, so watch out for the 'diet', 'sugar-free', and 'no sugar added' things as well.

You know what a healthy diet is: lots of green veggies, a few oz of chicken (or protein), small amounts of carbs.  I eat way less now that I'm pregnant than I did before hand.  I've still gained the correct amount of weight and inches.  One more thing, don't go overly crazy treating lows.  That was a fast learning curve for me. 4 oz of juice was enough to correct a blood sugar of 40.  Treat your lows with the minimum serving or 1 fruit, wait and see.  I can tell you I don't feel like I'm better as fast as my blood sugars are better.

The sore breasts and tiredness sound like possible signs of pregnancy.

Pregnancy didn't increase my blood sugars at all until 3rd trimester when progesterone levels were high and I'd gained more weight.

I don't think it's necessary to completely avoid candy as a diabetic.  But for myself I know that a butterfingers and other candy bars shoots my blood sugar WAY higher than the official carb count.  I usully have to take twice as much insulin as expected.  Most people also have insulin resistance in the mornings, so a sugary food affects blood sugar more then.  

Thank you all!  I'm still one day out from my expected period so I'm not testing, but I'm getting more and more frustrated with my sugars, there's been no more butterfingers or chocolate milk and I changed my infusion set to be sure that wasn't the problem (granted, I'd been having lows too, so I know it's not).  I saw my dietician today for my yearly meeting with her and we split it in half in case I am pregnant so I can come see her again and get a new meal plan, she said on the pump you have a little more leeway with your diet, but this morning I ate a 100% whole wheat english muffin with cream cheese and barely a tablespoon of the Polaner's no sugar added all fruit strawberry jam and an 8 oz glass of milk, my sugar was 160 beforehand and I corrected for it, and the total carbs for the meal came out to 36, which I took the appropriate amount of insulin for as well.  2.5 hours later while in the dietician's office, my sugar tested at 246, and I had told her about the issues I'd be having.  This is extremely abnormal for me, so if I'm not pregnant, the frustration levels are going to rise because my body never does something like this unless I miscalculate carbs, which is kind of hard to do when you're reading the exact labels and actually measuring your food!  Hopefully I'll know before the week is out if this is the cause, but I called my endo in case (unfortunately, she's in the process of moving out of the area, so I had to leave a message and the closest endo I could find in my area is 30 minutes away and I don't even know if he's ever dealt with pregnant T1's!).

I got my BFP at 10 DPO and I am currently 19 weeks pregnant. I had crazy highs for the first couple weeks. I had to increase my bolus ratio and my basal. Then I hit the second trimester and the lows started. Most people say the lows are only in the first trimester. I guess every woman is different though. The lows started to ease up for me around 18 weeks. When I would get low I would drink juice, chocolate milk, or sometimes eat candy (I don't keep a lot of it in the house) May not be the healthiest choice but when your blood plummets to 30 I don't care what I eat as long as it brings my blood back up to a safe range. Other than correcting the lows I eat very healthy and have started to drink pretty much ALL water. Oh and course test like 10 times a day, sometimes even during the night! Good luck and if you are indeed preggo let us ladies know!!

Hey ladies, I tested this morning, 14 dpo and the day my period was expected and got a negative :(, I used a clear blue easy digital (they come with their ovulation kits now), I thought perhaps it was too soon for me to test, but then when I went to the bathroom about an hour later, I spotted, so that's a pretty loud resounding no for now :(.  I just wish I could stop being so upset every month this happens.  They've run my blood work with hormones and such back in November and it all came back normal, we've not checked my husband for any issues, but he has fathered a child before (his ex wife was pregnant when she left him and had an abortion without telling him :().  The good news is I have a new Endo, who wasn't sure why my sugars are doing what they're doing, but he changed my basals and carb ratios today, asked for a call in 2-3 days to see what's up and to come back in 6 weeks.  If my period doesn't start full fledged by Friday though, I'll take another test, but for now, I'm going to try not to get my hopes up and go back to the drawing board.  The hubby is taking me out of town near the beach the weekend after this one to try the whole "conceptionmoon" thing and see if that helps!  I'll keep you all posted and I have to say how wonderful it is that this site exists, I know us juvenile t1's are a minority and I think it's great that we have a place where we can come together and see that there are people going through the same things and have the ability to get advice, it's actually inspired me to contact the jdrf chapter in my state and sign up for their mentoring program!

I'm sorry to hear about your disappointment but it will happen! I remember that feeling of knowing my period was going to start and feeling bummed. The good thing is that you have a new endo who you hopefully will have a good relationship with. I know that my endo probably thinks I'm a crazy person because of all the insane calls I've made to him but he's been so supportive and calming during this rollercoaster. My biggest challenges throughout my pregnancy so far (I'm 17 weeks on Thurs.) have been lows. It was so funny when I read your first post when you said you were drinking chocolate milk; I laughed because that has been one of the two things I have craved while pregnant. (the other was lemonade- not really diet friendly foods, but lemonade is my low BS drink now haha)


I feel your pain.  I too had four months of waiting, peeing on a stick, seeing the negative, then crying on the toilet.  Just keep tracking your ovulation ( I used an app on my droid to figure out how long on average my periods were then it would "predict" when my most fertile days were) then finally a positive came up and now I am 11 weeks along.  Try to calm your soul even though you are a rage of emotions and questions.  Your body is meant to make babies...and it will.  We ended up getting pregnant when I took my husband to mexico for his 30th bday...all i was thinking about was my beer, great food, and beautiful beaches LOL.  It is frustrating especially when we try so hard not to get pregnant when we arn't married LOL.  My husband too has a five year old and when I wasn't getting pregnant I remember feeling like a "his ex wife could just fine but noooo not me".  It's hard when you do a lot of negative self talk.  We are here for you girl...keep your chin up


Yeh, my fertility journal/book says it takes the average couple 8 months to conceive.  I do a lot of negative self talk too Nicole, A LOT.  Yesterday when the test came back, I told my husband that I felt like a failure too, I don't know what it is!  I can't shake that feeling when it doesn't happen that I somehow failed, and then I try something different the next month, we still time intercourse at the same times, but like this month, I used mucinex and I got myself down to about 2 or 3 diet cokes a week and have been keeping myself hydrated avidly with a lot of water.

I prop myself up on a pillow every time around my fertile window...the only thing I can come up with is I'm about 5 pounds overweight, I stress out very easily and I'm not dealing with mild depression, which my counselor says I need meds for, that and my mother in law visits every other month, I can't stand the woman, literally just thinking about her causes me stress.

I know stress can affect fertility and I have it in leaps and bounds because of how I handle situations, I know it stops your ovulation at times, and I think this month, it actually stopped my period because I've still not started, in fact, I've had to go back into my calendar (I use iPeriod on my husbands iPad Nicole, it's one of the greatest apps on there for this, every book I've bought about TTC has a little journal in it just like it, but this is easier since it's digital).  and cancel the start of this cycle because they tell me you're supposed to start it when you have your first regular flow and I've spotted maybe 3 or 4 times while going to the bathroom in the last two days and it's not normal spotting, and now I'm rambling and giving too much info.

The stress seems to be my common factor and I've been seriously considering taking a month or two off just to regroup and get myself on meds and get my sugars back too (even today after visiting the endo and him changing my rates, I spiked at 219 2 hours after eating breakfast).  I'm impatient though and I don't want to stop trying!

I is easier said than done.  Part of your impatience just means how important this is for you.,..its not a bad thing :)  I was also told that after sex to not get up and go pee in that just lay there.  So there is TONS of info and tips that people say to try but honestly I think your body knows what to do no matter how many times you stand your head, meditate, and time your sex I think you are amazing for being so persistant and working on getting your mental health back...and it's not because you are 5lbs heavier than you think you should be...look at how many people get pregnant that are very overweight.  Just try to focus on next month and don't deny your desire to keep hoping and me its a very normal emotion to have :) Go get a massage, buy a new CD, get a pedicure, go and spend some good time on just your self :)