Trying Omnipod Dash

Hi everyone!

After several months of debating, I have decided to give the Omnipod Dash a try. I got the free trial supplies several months ago, but just got trained and put my first one on today. So far, it’s working as it should and I am still getting use to using the PDM.

It is bigger than I expected, which is a drawback. I also have to remember to take the PDM with me if I am going to need to bolus for a meal while I am out. This worries me, because while I am out of work right now, I know that when I am rushing out the door to work I tend to forget things. This one I can’t forget!

The tubing on my T:slim rarely bothered me. Still, it is kind of nice not to have to worry about it. I’m thinking right now I will still use my T:slim and keep the pods on hand as a back up or for when I go swimming. This is only my first day on the pod though, so that may change!

I’ll keep you all updated on how it is going!

Pam K
T1D 56 years 11 months and counting!

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Hi @pamcklein . I use Tandem myself but there may be some options for carrying your PDA: a phone case might work - you could get one with a neck strap or attach one separately if it has a loop.
There’s a wrist pocket by Banjees that many use to while working out at the gym. I used one for a while for my Dexcom G5 receiver and was able to see the numbers through the fabric (may depend on color and screen brightness though). They have bands due the upper arm as well.
I used a Vera Bradley coin case for my Dexcom G6 receiver - it fits with a little room to spare (to give you an idea of size) but I don’t know if it will fit the PDA.
I make a habit of keeping a spare pair of glasses and a spare BG meter in my purse (and my desk when I’m working). When thinking about the Omnipod I had concerns about what I would do if I forgot my controller - the solution would seem to be getting a spare or two. I have to have a backup plan.
Hopefully one of those suggestions works for you.
PS - I don’t know if this would interfere with the electronics (please check) but I’ve got Tile trackers attached to items that tend to get mislaid - car keys, remote controls… Most attach with a ring but they have glue stickers to place them on a flat surface. The Tile app on my phone lets me search. It has its limits but we find it particularly helpful for items in the house or nearby. There are other similar products as well.

If you like it, I suspect you’ll find solutions for remembering to always have the PDM that work for you, whether it’s clothing with pockets, a sports band for your waist or arm, a bag, your bra, a colorful case, keeping it with something else you always carry, always putting it in the same spot, using the “find my PDM” feature on your phone, etc., etc. Definitely keep us posted!

Thanks Dorie!
I think you misunderstood my concern. I’m not worried about where/how to store the controller; I’m just concerned that I’ll forget to grab it as I run out the door.Since I have to use it to bolus when I eat, I’ll have it out, probably on the table or in a pocket, at dinner. The next day, I’m likely to forget to take it with me when I leave for work. That’s just me. I’ve forgotten my ID badge several times. I’ve also forgotten my vial of insulin when I knew I was going to need to change out my reservoir while at work! I just tend to forget things. My mother always told me that I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached! So, I don’t think any sort of storage case will help. I like the idea of a spare PDM though. I will look into that!


Thank you, @srozzelle,

As I stated in my previous response, forgetting things is a habit of mine and has been for most, if not all, of my life. I appreciate the encouragement though!

Take care,
Pam K.

Hopefully remembering to take it with you will quickly become a new habit. Maybe keeping your keys with it will be a visual reminder to take it when you leave the house. If I need to remember to take something with me I put it in front of the door - not in the table next to it, but in front of it - on the floor. Okay, that’s a tiny bit extreme especially for a device like that, but the idea is to give yourself cues your won’t forget. They could be something else visual such as notes on your door and in your car, or auditory ones like asking yourself “Do I have my PDA?” when gig get to the door. Or can you train Siri to ask that question🤔? Some trackers have smart alerts to let you know you’re moving out of range - that could be a reminder too.