Trying to find an Animas Ping Pump

My daughter has an Animas Ping Pump. The pump is cracked and not working properly. Trying to replace it with another Animas Pump. Since Animas is no longer in business, my only hope is to find someone that has one they no longer want. I have lots of Animas supplies which is why I am trying to find another Animas Pump. If anyone is looking to sell or get rid of an old pump, please let me know. Thank You!
Carolyn Anderson

Hi Carolyn @Carolyn.Anderson, Welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum!

I don’t have an Animas pump but I thought I’d respond and get your posting back to the top of the forum page. I also have a suggestion other than the many pumps advertised of sale on the internet. I suggest that you follow the “trade in” procedure until you find a phone number and place a call - tell that person your story of wanting to be able to use up your supply of Ping stuff. If at first you don’t get a positive response, wait a while and call again and you may get positive results. Calling Medtronic directly may also pay off for you.

We tried to replace her animas pump but was unsuccessful. We switched to Medtronic. Thanks for offering but we no longer need animas pump or supplies.

Carolyn Anderson

Hello,I have sick seven-year-old child T1D.We use Animas infusion sets for the pump Accu-chek Spirit Combo.Our pump has a Luer compound,just like Animas,and these infusion sets are perfect for it.We live in Russia,we have problems with the availability of infusion sets.If you have any unnecessary Animas infusion systems,we will gratefully accept them.God bless you.
Sincerely Anna and Igor.