Trying to get a new pump...irritated

For about 4 years I’ve been using the Omnipod insulin pump and I HATE it. It’s too bulky for my life and the canulla always comes out of place. A few weeks ago I had the pdm out in the rain when I was fishing and it got wet and now it doesn’t work at all. I don’t like it at all so I’m not going to get a replacement. I am in the process of finding another insulin pump I like but I’m not sure if the insurance company will cover it.
I got a phone call from my rep that is helping me with the Accucheck combo and he told me that my out of pocket cost went from $1400 to $68 and that my pump could be shipped today. I was so excited because I’ve been looking at this pump for 2 years! He then called me back a couple hours later and said they had to submit more info to the insurance company and that there’s still a chance I won’t be covered. I knew this was a possibility all along because my upgraded Omnipod is still under warranty. I hope there is a way to get around it but I’m not so sure…

I really like my Tandem T-slim. Love that it is rechargeable.

Medtronic sends me a new pump every 5 years. How long have you used your Omnipod? I like my Medtronic pump, but the CGM part of it is not very well liked by so many users, the accuracy is not good for so many people. I recommend the Animas/Dexcom combo.