Trying to lose weight!

I've watched my husband lose 30 pounds so far, so I suppose it is time for me to get serious too!

I'm going to start the Zija weight management system and see what it can do for me.  They have hot tea, weight management pills and nutritional drinks. 

I already feel so great with the nutritional drinks so now I'm going to start on the pills and hot tea.

Curious to know if anyone has tried it before and if it worked for you too.  Also wondering if you've seen any changes in your insulin needs...I've not seen any change in mine...


hi Kathy ,did you see the --Weight Loss Support ---group ? You could post this there too and maybe someone has tried it. I'll have to read your link :)

Hi Meme,  You have probably seen my responses to some of the other posts...let me know what questions you have!

I can send you some free samples so you can see how it makes you feel. 

Just let me know! 

Thanks, Kathy

Maybe later, right now my focus is just to exercise and be a better example for my teen.Why I put that off I have no idea :(

Not to worry!  I put off everything that I possibly can...I think it is just because I am lazy...I mean really if I don't HAVE to do something, then I don't do it!   LOL!