TSlim 2 - continuously run high

Hey guys!

I am new to this but been diabetic for18years now!

Just looking to see if anyone has had this problem I’m facing.

I have a Tslim and I have been going back and forth from shots to the pump, because my pump doesn’t seem help my sugars. I keep running high while on the pump and never see my sugars come down after eating until I take a bolus shot. I have tried 3 different infusion sits and nothing seems to help with the highs.I’ve talked to my dr and educated and she recommended the different sites, however like I said it hasn’t worked at all. I believe it is a pump malfunction but want to know if any of you have seen anything similar!

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Tzanehouse and thank you for writing in. You didn’t say if you were new to pumping (although you’ve had diabetes for many years). One thing I learned that was new to me when I started pumping was the concept of basal or background insulin. Your body needs some level of insulin running constantly. That rate may need to change at various times of the day or month😉, and other things factor in as well. With shots you probably take some long acting (background), and fast- out rapid-acting insulin with meals. Pumps use rapid only so you must have accurate basal rates in place - then you take a bolus of insulin for carbs with meals and snacks.
It sounds like you need to talk with your doctor about setting your basal rates. It’s a bit of trial and error, and I’ve found a small change may be all that’s needed to do the trick. With experience you’ll be able to adjust your rates on your own; but if you’re new you should work with your doctor.
That’s a “quick and dirty” explanation but I hope it gives you an idea.

Thank you!

However I have tried all this and still have seen no help with bringing down sugars! I had my first Tslim for about 2 yrmears and just got the new Tslim at the beginning of the year. It worked alright for a couple months but never like I feel it should. It really started getting worse when I upgraded to the Contol IQ. It would take hours after I at to get my sugars even to start coming down. I have tried changing the basal, tried eating 30 minutes after my insulin starts and still no luck. I can’t help but think I have a defective pump!

Either way, thanks for the response

Hi @Tzanehouse the truth is that there are some people who find pumping is not a viable option. The mechanical reliability of US based pumps are very high and companies have to demonstrate this reliability in order to get a FDA license to provide medical devices. It’s my observation that your body’s reaction to the steel or plastic cannula (the infusion set) is the part no one can predict. A vast majority of people tolerate infusion sets, but some don’t. Others can’t tolerate the tape and irritation, still others sometimes tolerate the infusion system but develop terrible scarring.
Anyway if it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work. You made it this far on shots you can always continue, or if you like a good mystery, you can get a full steel infusion system and try that (or other potential options) Whatever you decide I hope you have good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Thanks joe!

Can this happen randomly? I have never had this issue until recently. I’ve been on a pump for over 2 years now and i have never had this issue

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@Tzanehouse. Yes it can be random. I have developed scarring and if I am a little too close to a known bad spot I get bad absorption and run high or an occlusion alarm (no delivery).


Some people have a better experience with one insulin over another. Humalog and Novolog both work equally for me but assuming you’re not already using the save one successfully when you inject, it might be worth trying - prices of elimination.

@Tzanehouse Hi Taylor, and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! You have already received some valuable information here, so I’ll be brief.

First off, I began with the CIQ algorithm in January 2020 and have had terrific results, and seeing that you are an experienced pumper I’ll begin there. I will acknowledge that there could be a malfunction of your pump - and if there is, you might identify that by examining the “History Data” stored in your pump.

With either your former t-Slim or your brand new t-Slim,

  • Did you RECENTLY validate your 24 hour basal settings?
  • And then your insulin to carbohydrate ratios? Which also includes your accuracy in estimating carbs - the only value a CIQ user must manually enter.
  • How about your Insulin Sensitivity Factor [ISF] which becomes a critical matter when using CIQ?

Your Tandem t-Slim x2 is a sophisticated [and very expensive] computer, and like computer the out-put can not be any better than the information loaded into it. [Okay, I got a degree in computer sciences in the 1960.] If you want some guidance and suggestions for validating basal rates, etc., just ask - my help is here for your asking, but keep in mind that I am NOT a licensed medical professional; just what I’ve learned about diabetes since my diagnosis in the 1950’s.

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Dennis thank you!

I just recently have seen my diabetic educator as well as my doctor. I tried all the things that they suggested, which is basically everything you mentioned above. And I still have had no luck. It’s the first time I’ve gone through this and I can’t help but think my pump is having some sort of malfunction, but we will see!

I appreciate all your suggestions and advice,

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It definitely sounds like a pump malfunction to me. You have to contact Tandem and speak to them about this problem so they can send you a replacement pump.

It sounds like you have been thorough with the process of elimination. I typically go through tech support if I’m having issues but your tandem rep might be able to get a faster response. Keep us posted!

If you wouldn’t mind, the community here would like to know what happened? Thanks for sharing any respond from Tandem…

After about two weeks trying different things. I got in touch with my TSlim rep and she came
And visited and we went over my issues. Turns out it was a pump malfunction. I just recently got my replacement pump and it is doing perfect! I would say if you ever have a similar issue get in contact with you area rep.

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Excellent news! Thanks for the update!

Thanks for updating!!