Tslim and infusion sets

i just got approved yesterday to get my tslim pump but there are five options of infusion sets and I dont know which is best there isnt a lot of information to go of of on the paper. help. “infusion sets”>file:///C:/Users/Carver/Downloads/Infusion%20Sets%20(2).pdf

Ask your rep if they have any samples you can test out. My 16 year old son wasn’t a fan of the ones they recommended and he ultimately went with the Inset 30’s. You can also try asking what others have used in the tslim group on Facebook. It might be a matter of trial and error until you find one that works well for you.

I’ve had the t slim for almost 2 years (T1 for 50) and I use the Inset 23s and haven’t had any problems. I tried the 30s but didn’t like the tubing to be that long.