TSlim and Multiple Profiles

Good morning,
So my 13 year old is on week two of using the Tslim. We currently have one profile set but I know the Tslim has the capability to allow multiple profiles set. My son’s sleep and meal schedule is different on weekends than on school days, as I would think is the case for most middle schoolers with sleeping later in the morning, staying up later at night, and sometimes eating only two meals a day. Typically we see higher BGs on weekends so I was wondering if anyone else had a “weekend profile”? I’m also interested in how others use the profiles and results they see. We go back to endo and this is one of several questions I plan to also ask her today. Thank you in advance for any responses.

Hi @WarriorMom13 ! Excellent question about profiles. I myself use only one, although when I’m adjusting basal rates I’ll copy my initial one and make changes to the copy so I can compare. That’s not quite the same thing as you’re asking but people do use different profiles for weekends, sports, shift work and menstrual cycles to name a few. But unusual at all and it’s a very helpful option.
BTW, there are lots of diabetes trackers available. I don’t know if your son is new to diabetes as well as pumping, but if you’re not using one there very helpful. You can use a notebook to write everything down, find hard copies at a bookstore with sections for meals, insulin, exercise, etc., and of course there are spps, many of which are free. MySugr and SugarMate are popular but it’s really a matter of personal taste and what works best for you.
All the best on your appointment!

Hi and thanks for the reply. Yes we are very new to all of this! My son was diagnosed in April of this year and what a crazy ride it has been!! This is also our first pump so I’m kind of scared to make changes to basal rates at this point because we also just experienced our first real low, low this weekend. It’s pretty nerve racking how this t1d stuff works…Saturday midnight BG 57, Sunday midnight BG 225. I’m hoping the endo will offer advice today on a weekend profile…and something other than “try to stay on the same schedule,” because after all we are talking about a teenager. Lol
Oh and one more thought…I wonder if any other T1d moms have questioned how they will keep their sanity when their child is old enough to “unfollow” them on Dexcom. Yes I seem to have a love hate relationship with being able to follow my kids BG with updates every five minutes…sometimes I think it’s a sanity saver and other times I think it’s making me go crazy! LOL Sorry, humor is how I cope, even if it’s not very good humor.

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Hi, Joanna! Multiple profiles are very helpful, and yes, weekday versus weekend is a common divide. Exercise and sick days are others you see pretty frequently. But you’re smart to be asking the endo at today’s appointment, and you’re right to go slow. There’s a huge learning curve, and no one expects you to master everything there is to know all at once — nor could you, since as you already know, there are just too many variables. For example, it’s not like his body sends you a memo before a growth spurt. :confused: So try to be proactive, absolutely, but also try to make peace with the fact that you’re always playing catch-up. Follow the numbers, right? :slightly_smiling_face:

57 to 225 is a swing, for sure, but as you get more experienced, I wouldn’t be surprised if you started to take those more in stride. It happens, even to the most experienced and capable people with T1D ever. I’ve taken a LOT of comfort in some of the posts on this Forum where people I trust and respect have shared that even they sometimes see 40s and 400s. Low? Take carbs. High? Take insulin. That’s all. (Well, okay, not really, since there are a million other factors, too, but you get the idea. :nerd_face:)

I’m right there with you on following a teenager, and it’s definitely a balancing act. You want them to learn to make good decisions for themselves, because of course that’s the goal: to raise kind, capable, and contributing members of society. But you also want to be there to prevent anything super-bad from happening along the way. I just hope that when I get that balance wrong sometimes, she knows that I love her, I’m sorry, and I’ll try to learn from it and do better next time. :two_hearts:

You’ll be working closely with your doctor for quite a while before you start making adjustments on your own so don’t feel like you’re cutting the cord just yet. Here’s a true story: I had had my pump for a while and had worked with my doctor to tweak things after getting started, so my settings had been good, but after a while I noticed I needed to make some changes as I was having some lows that repeated during particular times of day. I decided to decrease my hourly rate for that time period by a full unit - and it wasn’t long before I started trending sky high. I realized that small adjustments can make a big difference. But work closely with your doctor for now.

I believe it. When we make a change, it’s for 0.05 units — and that’s usually right. To think I used to consider a half-unit syringe a precision tool! :grinning:

I’m not sure if I rarely needed half units when I took shots, or if those small dose syringes weren’t available - but when I did need one I just drew the plungef back to what looked like the midpoint between the markers😲.

Close enough, right? :wink: How times have changed!

Hi again, back from endo. A1C is 7.3 not too shabby I think. She was over all pleased and recommended holding off on a weekend profile because she didn’t see enough of a consistent increase to make any changes. I need to focus more on trends and less on individual highs or lows.


I’m glad your appointment went well. I just got back from mine and it went okay. My A1C was 7.1, up slightly from my previous 6.8. But my endo was happy with my overall time in range and said she’d we’ll see how things look after the holidays before considering any changes.
Congrats on your visit!

By all means Joanna @WarriorMom13 your son should program multiple Profiles on his t-Slim to fit HIS lifestyle, and the Profiles should [at least while he is testing their effectiveness, should have many small timed periods. More explanation on that method later if you wish. For a school student, “Weekend” and “Weekday” Profiles are a good beginning, also, some school days may include PE or afterschool activities that may need their own profiles. Keep in mind, that he is using a $7,000 t-Slim [your choice] which is designed for several Profiles rather than the $150 pumps that have only one possible program.

I have several Profiles programmed on my pump and try to remember before going to bed the night before to activate the Profile that will fit my next day plans.

Umm, Dennis, what $150 pumps are those?
Just the manufacturer name and webpage for two would suffice.
For we who are T1D and used pumps for decades we’ve seen nothing but exceptional improvements in everything: CGM (!! surely the most basic change since the invention of injected human insulin analogs), insulin varieties, delivery modes including nasal, hardware including DIY, and software (operational algorithms).
And, warrior mom Joanne – your 13yo son will be managing that T1D with a pretty vast array of new monitoring & treatment tools by the time he’s away at college.
You’ll know so much by then that you’ll both be able to look back on today as ancient history.

P.S. i was about your kid’s age when diagnosed in the 1960s. Maybe my calm methodical attitude can be a model for her case, as she moves forward with increasing knowledge and tools.

Best to all, and for Happy Holidays!

William @WBellJDRF There are two that I’ve heard about, one that United Health customer service wanted me to use instead of sending a MiniMed Paradigm - they are not intended for use by TypeOne. Right now I don’t recall the names; one is Korean and the other Chinese. Occasionally I see them as imbeded advertisements in diabetes related news releases.