Tslim error code of death

So, 2.5 years in, I got the t-slim malfunction error code of death. 0x2095. Since its under the general 4 year limit for new pumps, I was interested in how other peoples insurance covered malfunction errors. If my insurance won’t cover it, then i guess its back to needles for me. I’m just trying to figure out if I’m going to have to send the replacement back to Tandem. Obviously, HMOs and insurance are all different, but I’d like to hear peoples experiences.

Also, does anyone know what the code means? I know its a hardware code, but what specifically?

I don’t know about that specific error code but your pump still gals within the warranty period and TSlim should replace it and ship it to you at no cost. They’ll tell you how long shipping will take - replacement infusion sets may take about 3 days but hopefully your pump will come overnight. In the meantime get an rx and instructions from your doctor for long acting as well as bolus insulin via pen (or syringe if you prefer). Or maybe their office can supply you with pens.

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Thanks for responding Dorie!

The pump was overnighted and is coming this afternoon. The tech person who processed the new pump stated that it would run through insurance. Then I called billing at Tandem after posting this and they said what you said. No more existential fear of having to fight my HMO.

I messaged my endo, but didn’t get a response from them. So, I’vr just been hyper vigilantly using my short acting and did the unhealthy jerryrig of drinking just enough alcohol to suppress my liver last night. It’s fine for one night… Honestly, its really nice to not be connected to anything for a very little bit. Thanks again!


Excellent news - and a load off your mind! If your every have this type of emergency again - which is hourly hourly would suggest you ask to speak to the nurse educator - they may be able to help you with temporary measures.
Glad to hear you will be up and running soon - and that alcohol idea sounds fun!

@bshap , I have no idea what you mean by “code of death”; nothing like that appears in the pump support documentation.

Whenever you have any error codes displayed on your Tandem device, your first instruction is to call Tandem Technical and get instructions as to what to do; this applies even if your device is out-of-warranty. Don’t get your insurance company involved. Some error / malfunctions can be corrected simply by plugging your device into a computer and giving a Tandem Technical permission to make adjustments. Some errors that suspend pump operation can be easily remedied yourself by following direction of a Technician.

I’ve had a couple of critical errors both of which I remedied myself within 15 minutes by having a knowledge of the device; I did report these happenings to Tandem and had Technicians validate operation of my pump. The most recent “error” occurred shortly after my Friday evening meal, I immediately called Tandem for support and asked for a “call back” which came within 15 minutes just as my pump appeared to be restored to proper operation - the Tech agreed with what I had done but suggested that my pump should be replaced. A new pump was delivered to my door at 8:20 the following morning - no cost to me or my insurance carrier.

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