Tslim or medtronics

I have been with medtronocs for almost 10 years now. Currently using 670g. I am tired of the cgm failing ready to switch. Before I switch I would like to get some opinions from people who have used both and why you chose the one your using.

I used Medtronic pumps fro 2001-2018. Including trying out their sub-standard sensors on my own dime. From 2018 to early 2020 I ran DIY Loop using an old Medtronic, and Dexcom G6 sensors, again all on my cash. DEXCOM is good! I considered the $$ spent on Dexcom a good investment in my health. Starting April 2020 I moved to Tandem/Dexcom. My results are even better than with DIY Loop, and with less effort on my part. I totally recommend Tandem/Dexcom. You will have to retest all your settings to get the most out of it. If you want to get a broader scope of input, search Facebook for Tandem, CIQ, etc.,and join a couple of those groups. Good luck with your decision!

While you’re waiting for more responses to your specific post you might want to check out previous forum discussions on the topic. I myself was using an older model Minimed (508?) when I made the change so I never used the loop technology now available. Two things I have noticed in relative comments about the two: many people preferred Minimed’s load process (I believe they say it is quicker and wastes less insulin) and the fact that Minimed uses batteries rather than charging. I switched about 10 years ago so have long gotten used to both.


Thank you @mikefarley for your experience. Most of what I read seams to be some think this should be hassle free. I am looking at more then just a pump that works. I want a company other then Medtronic. I absolutely hate that company.

Thank you @wadawabbit I have done the research on there and that is my least of my worries. I am not worried about how long it takes to load or change the sight. What ever it is is better and less time then taking daily injections. I want to be done with Medtronic completely done and never go back. When a company points the blame instead of fixing there issues or taking responsibilty for there product time to look at there integrity. Sorry to say I would trust a stranger with my life before them. I am looking at more of how the product responds to type 1. More of how the algorithm is working.

I read over whelming reviews that people just hate Medtronic. I have so many complications at this point it is about which pump will give me the longest life possible. The closed loop has changed my type 1 control.

@lisandustin, I totally hear you. Dissatisfaction with Medtronic and their “who cares about the clients’ needs” business model was a main driver for me. In my experience, Tandem is much more focused on T1D users’ needs and wants. One big want is pump control from mobile app, and that has slipped some during the COVID shutdown. I have been very happy with Tandem training, rep, and technical support. Some people are less enthusiastic, it probably depends partly on where you live. I live in central Ohio. During my virtual training session, I mentioned that I was concerned about exercise-related specifics. A few days later, the regional manager, a cyclist/hiker/etc., called me to discuss his experiences on Tandem and techniques he was using to improve control during exercise. So far, I’m very happy with Tandem. It can get a little confusing using two different companies, but Tandem has been working pretty much as a one-stop shop for pump and Dexcom issues. Some technical issues with Dexcom will still require a call to them, but Tandem handles sensor replacements, etc.

:+1:t4:. I can’t give a comparison of the devices but I’ve always been happy with Dexcom CGM - I’ve found it very accurate. There have been a few times (a very very few times) when I calibrated my G5 and got the exact same reading as my fingerstick! Readings between fingersticks and my Dexcom have been very close - within the main of error.
I’ll let you read for yourself in the forums; but from what I’ve noticed, large differences between a Dexcom reading and a fingerstick are often due to compression lows, which you’re probably familiar with (and of course there are forum discussions on those as well). As @mikefarley said you should check your settings. Although you’re an experienced pumper I would suggest starting on Tandem without BIQ or CIQ so you can get good background programming in place. I did not do a basal check (and others) before starting on CIQ, so it took longer than it might otherwise have for it to work as it’s designed to.
I’m sorry to hear your frustration. Do you have a lot of time on your Medtronic warranty, or will you be able to switch soon (if you so decide)?

My daughter used Medtronic for many years and we were happy with the pump and company. We changed over to Tandem IQ so that the Dexcom could be integrated with the pump. I’m so glad we did, her sugars and A1C are so much better.

When I was due to replace my Medtronic 580, I wanted to look at Tandem also. After about 3 months the Tandem Rep. finally got in touch with me. Because I had been involved in the recycling business for over 20 years, I asked the Rep what kind of carbon footprint Tandem had. Even though they have a decent working pump, onthe environmental side, They are many times worse than Medtronic. For the little that I have gained, I am not sure that I would do it again. Why do you have to buy a syringe and needle for every reservoir that you use. I still use the same syringe as a backup that I received when I was diagnosed 63 years ago. And it works fine with NO waste.

That reminds me of another thing we like better about the Omnipod versus Tandem: less waste. Not like using the same syringe for 63 years (I presume you’re sterilizing it somehow!), but definitely less waste than Tandem generates!

From what I know omnipod does not have the same tech. I need the algorithm that comes with tandem and Medtronic. I have tried both with and without the algorithm, without I am back to testing BG all the time and adding bolus constantly.

You’re right — Omnipod’s integration with Dexcom is still in the works. They’re now saying it’ll be out by June, but (as my mother always says) everything takes longer than you think it will. And it’s been delayed before, so we’re not holding our breath.

We need it, too, but unfortunately Tandem doesn’t work for us, so we’re “making do” with Omnipod and Dexcom. Cry us a river, right, long-time members? We still have it pretty good, all things considered!

I used Medtronics for about 15 years. I finally got tired of waking up all through the night with their “so called” closed loop system. I found myself testing all the time. Even through the night. What’s the use of having a cgm if you have to test all the time? I finally realized that I was wasting my money on the system. I switched to Tslim with dexcom G6. I’m loving it. Been using that closed loop system for over half a year now. If you want my opinion??? Switch and don’t look back.

Like others here, I also was with Medtronic for years but changed to the Tslim/Dexcom about a year ago. Now my A1C’s are in the “5’s”!! Tandem and Dexcom are both far smaller than Medtronic and I think their customer service is far more professional. My adult daughter just changed to the Tslim from the Medtronic 670 and fully agrees she now has a far superior device.