Tslim percent in range

I’ve been on the Tslim with controlIQ for a couple of months and love it. One question: where can I find my percent of time spent “in range?”

Hi Emily @EmilyCG , I too have been using Control IQ - now for just over a year.

I read my TIR [Time In Range} at three different places, and for whatever period of time I want to see - up to 90 days. I also receive a message from Dexcom, on Sunday morning, telling me my TIR, and other data I select, for the previous week.

The three sites I use [visible on phone and computer] are Tandem t-Connect, Dexcon Clarity, Tidepool. You will need to setup free accounts at each of these sites.

I mostly stick with one tool, though I have the other accounts Dennis mentioned. Check Tandem’s web site if you’re not sure how to access t:connect. Then choose Activity Summary and set the date-range.