Tslim vs accu check combo

My 12 y/o daughter and I are looking into pumps, we have narrowed our choices down to the t:slim and the accu check combo pumps. I have read a lot on the t:slim and that is my choice but she is leaning toward the accu check combo. If anyone can let us know the pros and cons of using these I would really appreciate it!


My opinion:

For what it’s worth I use the medtronic with CGM ENLITE … Never used any other

If I were 12 again and had the opportunity to use a pump … I was 10 when I was T1, I would NOT want a pump!

But if she is willing to use either, by all means make her happy and let her be healthy!!

I think the T-Slim is kinda sleek, but no CGM?



Thanks for the reply, why would you not like to use a pump? We haven’t actually thought of using a CGM at all, we asked about them when she was first diagnosed but her endocrinologist said they normally prescribe them only for younger kids. She didn’t make it sound like an option. Have you found a CGM to be useful? In what ways?


Let me clarify what I was thinking …

At 10 I was MAD as hell that I got T1 – @ 15 I was still mad … we did not have testers (well we could test our urine), but that said, IF one of my children had T1 at 12 and wanted to use a pump I would be SO HAPPY!!

I was a difficult teenager … so that you daughter WANTS to use one is great!! You are so lucky!

CGM - of course they are wonderful and most T1’s who use a pump use a CGM – adults and children. It gives you a very good idea of what your BG levels are by looking at the screen – you still have to prick your fingers to calibrate and thay are not perfect, but they are helpful as it gives you a record of what your BG’s are all day.

Like I said, I use a medtronic pump which has a linked sensor for the CGM - but there are other options and many people don’t like medtronic for one reason or another.

And not to dispute what your endo is saying CGM’s are used by as many T!'s so long as insurance covers it. I’ve used one for 15 years and a pump for almost 20.

I hope some others respond to your question.


I’ve personally used the Medtronic pump from 1998 - 2012. I used their CGM from 2006 - 2008 and didn’t have great accuracy with it. I changed to Tandem when they first came out. I have been very happy with the tSlim. It’s sleek, the information at your finger tips is incredible, no more scrolling up/down to enter carbs/BGs, rechargeable is a +. Medtronic pump was fine… but they have not changed their user interface since I got my first pump in 1998. It’s 2014 - they need to spend some time on interface design. They have barely changed the pump form factor - the pump I got in 2002 was slightly smaller than what I got in 1998. The form factor has not changed since then.

My daughter has used Animas (2004), Medtronic (2005 - 2009), Omnipod (2009 - 2012) and is now on Tandem (2012 - present). She also used the Medtronic CGM from 2007 - 2008). She hated it. The insertion is horrible on that CGM (jarring, painful, etc.).

We’ve used Dexcom for the last four or five years. We both have better accuracy (comparing to our meters, which honestly can have 20% margin of error) with Dexcom. The insertion is less dramatic/jarring/painful. We get them to last longer as well.

Hope this helps. Every person is different and has different expectations and experiences. You do have 30 days to return the pumps so if you get one and it’s not what you expected, return it. But know that it’s not 30 days from hookup, it’s 30 days from receipt.

By no means in defense of Medtronic, but the Enlite CGM is FAR more comfortable. And yes I have olny used Medtronic… and you do get a 30day “return policy”.


Thank you so much Katie, those are the things we think we’ll like about it. We’re not really looking into a GCM right now, we are active duty military and getting the pump we want will be a fight enough, I’ll save a GCM for another day!

I’ve been using the accu chek combo for going on two years. It meets my needs but can’t say it is the best pump because I just don’t have enough exposure to other pumps. I don’t know what my next pump will be but the t slim has caught my attention. If your daughter likes the accu chek combo it does have some nice features. The remote is nice. I’m probably not helping with your decision. In my opinion and with limited knowledge on other pumps, there is nothing wrong with the accu chek combo.

My daughter chose the t:slim when we originally thought of going with the Animas pump. It has been wonderful. Super easy to use, and overall, pumping has given us very tight control of her blood sugars. She is 10. Hope this helps although, I’m sure you’ve made your decision by now. :slight_smile: