TTC, Anyone? This is torture

My husband and I are TTC as many of you may know and even though we have only been at it a couple of months I feel like it is complete torture.  The waiting and seeing.  Plus not to mention being late but getting negative pregnancy tests...Has anyone had this problem before?  I have only taken 2 and the were both the day before I was supposed to start and the day after.  But haven't taken one since.  I am currently about 4 days late.  I am thinking of making a doc appt but I don't know if I'm overreacting.  But if I'm not pregnant then why am I late?  Anyway just feeling unsettled about it all, anyone have any advice or words of experience?

Rose, think back to the days when you hoped you weren't prego... emotions really influence your body and my guess is the stress and anticipation is throwing your cycle a bit out of wack. Try to relax and enjoy the "practice". 9 months of being tired and nauseous and getting "rounder "will not exactly do wonders for your sex drive... so enjoy the preamble while you can! I just had my son in august and thoroughly enjoyed being pregnant despite all the silly discomforts. it took us at least 5 months to conceive and i am 26 now and t1 for 13 years. i totally understand your disappointment and how hard it can be to wait and wait and wait. it will happen when the time is right. trust your body and the positive relationship you'll be bringing a little wonder into. best of health!

I can relate. After being 2.5 wks late one month, I took a test every week and became a little obsessed. After that I decided no more tests until I am at least 3 wks late. Well, I am now prego... and I held true to waiting until I was 3 wks late. At one endo visit while trying, the nurse said, "Isn't it fun trying?!" I said, "no, it's torture." So, I felt your pain. Hang in there.

I can too.  I was pregnant back in September then I had a misscariage in October only after about 8-9 weeks pregnant.  I have had two periods since my miscarriage and we have been actively trying.  I just had a period at the end of December and I was very disappointed.  I kept telling myself of all those years I was trying not to get pregnant I could have just not been taking the pill :) I know it takes patience but it is killing me.  I remember last week i was thinking, I wish I ovulated twice a month hahaha.  Now I know I am getting desperate :)

Nicole, I feel the same way about all those years trying not to get pregnant.  If I only knew back then what I know now about my body.  It is truly a miracle to get pregnant.  I feel the exact same way you do about wishing I ovulated twice a month.  Waiting for another month until you ovulate again is sheer torture.  And for me it just got a little worse, because now my husband and I have to go to India to see my mother and father-in-law (my husband is from India) in March and now I have to wait to try and concieve until we come back because I do not want to be first time pregnant in India, if I wasn't diabetic I think it would be different but in my case, no way.  Plus I have to take anti-malaria meds as well as other vaccines that aren't good if pregnant or trying to be.  It was a sacrifice that I had to make, I was pretty upset at first, but I keep telling myself the 3-4 months off will fly by.  So I'll need lots of good thoughts sent my way to get through this one. 


Yes I can only imagine the torture of that...I thought I was going to have to wait until after a possible surgery to concieve but it looks like I am going to have physical therapy instead so we will see.  You will do fine and be back before you know it.  But let yourself be frustrated and know that this is your own journey and that you have your own process of waiting anf wanting something so important. 

Thanks Nicole!  That means a lot because people are always telling me to relax and don't think about it.  And my favorite..."it will happen, don't worry."  But I just want to know when!  Haha.  I am happy to hear you say that I am allowed to be frustrated and be excited about it without feeling like I'm crazy!  And your right I do have my own process and way of wanting this bc its something that I want more than anything in the world.  Thanks!

You are welcome.  I was told that too.  My friend told me, "just enjoying the baby making experience", and "you are still young, you have lots of time".  Yeah that is easy for people to say when they have already had kids or that are pregnant.  When I told my mom that I was so frustrated and anxious she said, good.  Let yourself be.  It's important to you, it should be taking up your mind space.  Just because, "Logically" everything that everyone tells you makes sense and you do beleive it, it doesn't make the waiting part suck any less LOL.  It is all I think about now too.  I think I think about more because I start to notice more babies, and mommy's with belly's and my sisters who have cute little chubby babies.  I am soooooooo excited to be pregnant and get past the first three months so that I can stress out even more on how well I am taking care of my health for my little one that I have yet to meet.  I want that feeling :)

I know the feeling Rose.  My husband & I tried for 10 months before conceiving and I experienced a lot of irregularity in that time frame.  Due to the frustration of being late and getting a negative pregnancy test result I decided to always wait until I was at least a week late to test. 

Long story short... the month we decided to "take a break from REALLY trying" we got pregnant!  I think taking the stress off made all the difference.  Just focus on staying healthy and know that when the time is right it will happen.  I wouldn't worry until you've been trying for more than a year (at least that's what my OB told me).

Best of luck to you!