Just wondering if any of you Type 1's have or had trouble with irregular periods. My husband and I have trying for a couple of months but I'm getting frustrated because since I got off my birthcontrol 5 months ago my periods have not been regular which means I have no idea when i'm ovulating. I'm not sure if my irregular periods has anything to do with the diabetes. I was regular for so long when I was on my BC that its really throwing me off.

For some reason I have always had this feeling that my diabetes would make it difficult to actually conceive. Have any of you felt this way?

Sorry if this is too personal...just frustrated and my non-diabetic friends can't relate! lol

Hi Lisa,

I've had diabetes since I was 4 years old and I have almost never had regular periods.  I'm not sure if it has anything to do with my diabetes.  I've told doctors about it but none of them really bat an eye or inquire any further, so I always assumed it was just par for the course, not really a big deal.  However, over the years I became convinced that I would be unable to conceive, subconsciously I always connected my irregular periods to my diabetes and then to infertility.  To my and my husband's surprise, despite using precautions, I recently found out I was pregnant.  I don't know if this helps you at all, but as a diabetic who had always felt the way you described in your post, I just wanted to let you know how the situation worked out for me.  Take care!


Hi Lisa,

In addition to getting diabetes when I was 8, I was diagnosed with PCOS at 14 when I stopped having my periods. I was on birth control for years to induce regular periods. To help this and to combat insulin resistance, I started taking Metformin a year and a half ago. For the first time in my life without birth control, the metformin allowed me to have regular periods and ovulate. After two months of trying, I was able to become pregnant and I'm about 9 weeks along now. I would ask your doctor to have your hormones checked and see if there is a reason like PCOS to explain your irregular periods. I don't think diabetes has anything to do with fertility, there is usually another underlying reason. I hope this helps!


Congrats to you both :) It is always nice to hear  the positive stories. I look forward to hearing about how both of your pregnancies are going :) I was diagnosed when I was 10 and have always had issues with periods, so I'm not sure why I'm suprised by it now, but they have never told me it was related to diabetes, I guess I just always assumed it was. Kelly, I have had my hormones checked and they always come back OK, as well as my thyroid. I think I'm just one of those people that when I start thinking about something I want it to happen now, so when I got the ok from my endo I was ready! And I just have to realize it may take awhile. I read this morning that even if you a 100% healthy you only have a 25 percent chance of getting pregnant each month.  SO, we'll keep at it...practice makes perfect right ;)

Thanks again for the response ladies!