Tube vs. Tubeless?

My 3 year old is type one...newly diagnosed.  I have briefly discussed pumps with his endo a few times.  What is the difference between tube and tubeless pumps?  I do not know what is really involved with the difference yet.  And with a tube pump, do you have to change it every couple of days like the tubeless omnipod?  Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated, thank you!!!

I would say that tubeless is the way to go for the little guy. if you get one with tubes and the tube is hanging out of a pocket i has the chace of getting ripped out and that really hurt (even me and I'm 15) or if he's around other little kids and they are curious they might hurt him by pulling on the tubing. best of luck to you

Ethan has a tube pump. Animas ping. He is 7 now. It has to be changed every 3 days. It is not to bad for him. However in his school there is a preschooler who also has a tube pump. He has a hloster that puts it between his shoulder blades on his back. He does not seem to mind it there at all. We wanted the omni pod, but insurance would pay for it. We did like it a lot. During the trial it started to seperate from the tape a bit on day two. Ethan is very active though. The tape stuck to the skin, but the pump pulled away from the tape. Hope this helps you. Something to consider is which pump can give the smalllest doses of insulin, depending on your childs needs. Your endo would be best to help you with what your childs needs would be for that part. I hope this helps, we love pumping.

helps a lot...thank you!