Turned 26 years old and HDHP

Hey all! I turned 26 is December and was kicked off of my mother’s Health Plan. I now have a High Deductible Health Plan. Insurance is refusing to pay for ANY insulin or Diabetes supplies until my $5000 is deductible met. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get insulin covered? Any advise/tips welcome :slight_smile:

Hi @Hhorton1211 Welcome to TypeOneNation. I don’t know about private insurance because I’m covered through my job, but aren’t there lower deductible plans? What would that cost?

There’s a website/app called Goodrx that shows you comparative out of pocket prices for medications at pharmacies in your zip code. The price difference can be significant: I selected Humalog pens and a set of 5 ranged from $125-$250 and more near where I live.

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You also might have luck with manufacture coupons. It doesn’t always help (mine only went down a few dollars but worth a shot) I have a similar plan at work and it stinks but mine also has an hsa so I’m able take some money out of each check to pay for it which helps me pay out of pocket until my deductible is met.

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@Hhorton1211 Hi Haylee and welcome to the TypeOneNation Forum!

I’ve been in your position having been laid-off from work during the depression of the 1970’s, 24% unemployment in Boston, while supporting a family of four and needing to pay for our health insurance and buy my diabetes supplies - no such thing as prescription insurance at all until the 1990’s - while starting my own business. Sure, I used a single needle and syringe for a month but I survived.

Thankfully these days you can get what you need. Here is a link, thanks to diaTribe.org, that will help you get diabetes free: https://diatribe.org/how-to-get-diabetes-drugs-free?utm_source=diaTribe&utm_campaign=1225d42d8a-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_01_23_10_53_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_22467a8528-1225d42d8a-150363185

Yes, it involves work from you, lots of work but it may be worth the necessary effort.

I was able to find the insulin manufacturer savings cards that have helped tremendously! It brings my cost down to about $100/month. I’ll probably just pay out of pocket for my sensors until my deductible is met. I work for a small business and this was the only plan offered. I opened an HSA account on Friday! Thanks everyone!