Turning off pump?

Well I havnt been on in ages but now as the holidays are here and no one around, I’m sure this easy to answer.
Had SEVERAL bad infusion sites and BS very high and moderate Ketones ended up at urgent care and was told go back to injections til I see dr in new year!! Arghhh…
How the heck do I turn it off without losing any data or hearing the alarm?? Took out battery, still hear alarms…
I’m sure it’s easy and no I have not read my manual :o
Thanks all!!
Also tips on finding decent real estate for the infusion sites, been new to pump but have had T1D for 40+ years, sometimes I feel like going back to daily injections. But I like the pump 670g!

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@Kiwigirl. You can’t turn the pump off. In my opinion, you can set the pump to silent and suspend the pump and leave it that way. It’ll still beep.

On older pumps you can set the basal to 0 and it’ll just sit there

In either case you’ll need to read the manual. Good luck!

Hi Helen @Kiwigirl, I do NOT have a 670G and never intend to get one - although I’ve read much of the User Manual but I don’t recall the “save settings” feature; I have that feature on my 10 year old MiniMed pump.

A suggestion, a directive, from the endocrinologist I see for when I’m in a situation like you find yourself now is to continue basal running on the pump, possibly increasing rate of flow, and make all bolus - correction & meal - with needle and syringe. Yes, that procedure has worked for me whenever I needed.

Just be careful not to overdose and monitor frequently.

Thanks, well I removed the battery and is is now quiet, I was told to remove pump and use injections only. It will be several days before I will be back on. So am on lantus again.
Thanks, boy it’s not fun going back…:disappointed_relieved:


I’m not on the 670. Tried for 6 months and it was not for me. I use Dexcom/Tandem X2. But I am struggling, like you, to find usable space for sites after long term pump use. I have always been good about rotating but I’m afraid it is just a sad complication to have scar tissue and absorption issues after so many years,. At this point, I always have bleeding and irritation at all sites, except for one area which is now becoming quite scarred. I’m so afraid of having to go back to MDI because I am extremely insulin/carb sensitive, have significant dawn phenomena and gastroparasis which all make MDI very difficult. So, I’m hoping to follow this thread for any help or information.

My son does exactly what Dennis recommended. He keeps the pump on for basal and uses the syringe for bolus. He’s been doing for about 2 months. He has been T1D 4 years and pretty good control, but had been going high and couldn’t get back on track. Knock on wood, but his current routine has been working great outside of not being able to rely on latest technology like you’d want to.

Thanks for all your responses. Yes it seems finding good infusion sites can be difficult. I think if I had changed the site ONE more time I could have avoided the urgent care situation and kept on using pump!. Have googled many sites and I guess for long term T1D, good real estate can be hard to find. I have NOT used arms, legs or butt for infusion sites, stomach only, I use arms and legs for CGM. Will try some new sites! Appreciate all your comments. Thanks

I hate using my stomach for any sites! I use upper butt, lower back, flanks, maybe approaching sides of tummy. Just avoid the muscle in the center of the back. Works great for me. I also read somewhere else on this site that someone sticks to one side (i.e. the right side) for a month, giving the other side time to heal, then switching. This has worked very well for me. I also use inner thighs for CGM and have had great success! Hope some of this helps.

Thanks Linda, I use my thighs for the CGM too, do you have help to disconnect for showering or do you just do it by feel? Like the idea of one side then switching.

Once you get used to connecting/disconnecting, it becomes second nature. I don’t have to look or get help. The only tip I have to offer is sometimes I need to pull the skin a little bit in order to be able to twist and lock. But I had to do that on my stomach as well, so maybe it is just me. All the best!