Tv show brothers and sisters

Finally, a TV show specifies type 1!!! :) yess ! hahah

Brothers and Sisters and Diabetes

Currently my favourite TV show is Brothers and Sisters, it airs on ABC Sundays at 9pm.

The show is about a multi-generation family that work to balance their personal life and work life. Sounds familiar?

If you have never seen the show the first episode started off with an “idyllic family”, having a party during which the father has a heart attack and dies. The heart attack was witness by his granddaughter.

After the father’s death the family was force to face new realities, discovering that their idyllic family was just a façade under which laid secrets that will either tear the family apart or bring them closer together. There are many levels and many interesting stories woven into the show. One storyline I find myself captivated by is about the granddaughter.

The stress of witnessing her granddad’s heart attack and subsequently his death brought on her type 1 diabetes. The writers so far, do a great job in just weaving the diabetes storyline into the show just as we diabetics weave diabetes into our life.

Last night’s episode had a scene where the little girls mom administers her night time insulin and the girl says something about when she gets well. With a heavy heart her mother tells her she will always have diabetes. The scene brought tear to my eyes knowing that my own mother must have felt this way and still feels this way.

I was a little disappointed that there was no promise of a cure. But I could see how the mother did not want to make a promise that was not within her control.

That is really cool. I wish I could see the scenes on YouTube, but I doubt anyone without diabetes would ever think to post them.

That's cool, I'm going to have to tune in :)

I would have cried for sure.  That sounds so sad.

"The stress of witnessing her granddad’s heart attack and subsequently his death brought on her type 1 diabetes."

I'm sorry, but that part right there makes me believe this is just gonna be another show that will misrepresent T1. if they can't even work in a reason for her suddenly being diagnosed other than blaming it on the stress of her granddad dying...( there any research to show stress can cause T1?)..what else are they going to get confused about?

Just another show I'll never watch, only now I kinda have an excuse not too!