Tv shows

What are your favorite tv shows??

Lost is my all time fave! Can't wait till january!!! I also like the Office, 30 Rock, Scrubs and south park. I watch the Daily Show and the Colbert Report every night (it has become my main source of news... that can't be good) and I recently started watching weeds... wow college allows me to watch way too much tv

Scrubs is awsome.  The Office is ok.   American Idol, Hell's Kitchen, and One Tree Hill are probably my favorite shows.

Gray's Anatomy!!! Love it love it. Also, "Are you smarter than a 5th grader." So far, I am not according to the show! :( 

LOST, Fringe, and House are my favorites. I also like CSI, Flashpoint, and American Idol.

The Office, 30 Rock, Fringe, Madmen

Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Lost, & Degrassi are my favorites.

I love Greys anatomy.... oh Mcdreamy what would us girls do without you lol. I'm also a fan of Heroes and Desperate housewives.

i love the show M*A*S*H  &  Ghost Hunters



Ugly Betty (although the original Betty can't compare to any of the remakes)!  I also love Taboo, Top Chef, and Project Runway (when they're airing)!

Americas Next Top Model.. =] lol

House, one tree hill, Gilmore Girls, True Blood, Secret life of the american teenager =]

i like CSI, American Idol (i tried out, but didn't get in), America's Best Dance Crew, um What Not to Wear, and Intervention. 

Did you try out this season??

amierica's got talent

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Did you try out this season??


yep, i was in the salt lake auditions but i was not on tv. although i wish they would have shown me fall on my butt at the delta center (i refuse to call it the energy solutions arena) haha. that would have made for a good laugh. i love humor so why not? haha

House, Heroes, Bones, Flashpoint, without a trace, fringe, csi...rescue heroes.

Oohh, I love cartoons... as long as it involves animation, you have my attention. Specially hand drawn animation, but I love computer work too.

Closest to my heart is... anything from cartoon network, "The spectacular spider-man," "Spongebob," and Jimmy Nutron about makes me squirt milk outa my nose, I'm getting picky about my anime/japanese works, but old school Disney cartoons like those 15 minute Goofy cartoon shorts are always worth watching again and again.

aaahhh animation