Twelve Pound Kitty

It is difficult to type when this 12 pound kitty lies on my lap between my laptop and my tummy.


Interesting tail.

My husband has his own 12-pound kitty who likes to smother him, hang on his arm, and try to slowly replace the laptop in his lap.  :)

too cute...and i feel ya...i have a 22 pound kitty who does the same thing! lol

What a cute cat!! My cat does the same thing, and she's about that size haha!!

His name is Sweety and he is spoiled rotten. Of course my wife is the one who spoils him, I would never do that. Lol!

Nifty cat ya got there!  My wife's a cat veterinarian who treats her diabetic patients with Lantus.  (I bet cats would love pump tubing a bit TOO much!)

Brian, quick random story that your comment made me think of: Like three years before I was diagnosed, my cat was misdiagnosed with diabetes! It turned out that she had a horrible infection the vet didn't find, but that infection had raised her blood sugar.  So I was giving that poor little kitty insulin for a day or two before I joined an online forum for owners of cats with diabetes, was told by those users to get a glucose meter, and discovered that her BG was FINE despite her getting worse.  I took her back to the same pet clinic but to a different vet, who expressed skepticism at diabetes, ran tests, and discovered she was SEPTIC.  :(

(Jeez.  If I'd known then what I do today, I'd have known right away that she didn't have any symptoms of diabetes other than fatigue, illness can cause slightly elevated BGs, and more tests were in order before giving my cat medicine that could just as easily kill someone when not needed as save someone when it is.)