Twitter chat on women and diabetes, including pregnancy

Some of you may know of the recent creation of the #gbDOC or great britain diabetes online community. It is based on the activities of #DSMA (diabetes social media advocacy) and they hold a chat on Twitter every wednesday night at 9pm GMT (London time).  You don't have to be in the UK to participate but if any of you are there, all the better!  9pm in London is 4pm in New York and 1pm in LA for anyone wanting to participate from north america.

If you'd like more info you can check out the gbDOC's website :

I'm posting here today because the next chat will be around the theme of all things female and diabetes. From clothing mishaps to hormones and diabetes; periods, pregnancy and menopause to issues affecting teenagers, young women and the ‘more mature’.

(who happens to be in France, but I cannot participate in the DSMA chats since they happen at 3am my time so I was thrilled to see something starting up on "this" side of the pond!)