Twitter To Follow Gina On Juvenation

I was board one day and decided I would sign up for twitter,and follow Gina on juvination. All well and good.But later on I get this email that someone is following my updates,which will be none.Ha,I looked at this person and found there account suspended. I want to ask anyone,when you sign up to follow your friends here,is your name protected??

People can find you regardless of who you are following.  I've already had some people follow me that I had no idea who they are then then realized their account was suspended as well.  However, there is a checkbox under settings that "protects your updates" so that only people you approve can see your updates.  I hope this helps!

Thanks Matt,I think I will never tweet again ,ha,whatever they call it...After reading the words suspended because of strange activity,I would have to get one like that!!