Two bad pump sites in a row!

The other day I had to change my pump, and so I did. I changed it at night which is a rare thing for me because I am always afraid something will happen in the middle of the night like it wont work or something. But, I had hardly any insulin left and was forced to do a night time site change.

The next morrning I woke up with a BS of 218. I corrected. A couple of hours later I check BS. 298, and have a splitting headache on top of it Ok, something is obviously wrong. I have gone through many problems like this before so I decided instead of correcting again and going any higher, to change out the site again and take a manual shot instead. This time I put the site on the other side of my body in a virgin area.

I put the new set in, wait a couple of hours. 300! Ok, What the? I take no chances I change the site yet again.

Two hours later...110

Ok,  I don't really know what happend but apparently my virgin new spot was clearly not a virgin LOL

Has this happened to anyone before?

Yup! I tend to try to change sites in the morning because at night I'm tired and tend to mess up or concentrate less when using the silhouette inserter which can lead to painful insertions that make me worry.

The most I've changed in a row or fail attempts to change were 3 which on the final time I finally got it to work I was ready to sleep...this was at night...but I stayed up to make sure it was a good site.  Boy the things we do that other people don't have to. :)

When I started pumping I was using Quick-Sets which worked okay for a few months before I started having major problems.  One day I had to change sets 5 times, my BG went over 500, ketones, you name it.  I continued to battle the Quick-Sets for another two months before giving up and trying Silhouettes (and more recently, Sure-Ts).  I've had just a couple of problems with either of these sets in the last 3 1/2 years.

I sometimes ran into multiple issues with the Quick-sets so I changed. Your virgin spot could be fine, but some other situation may have deflowered it accidentally. This is why I try to rotate on my sides as the Silohuette's seem  to work the best there and normally do not cause issues.

I don't usually have a problem with the sites being bad I have a problem with them not sticking to me. I'll get a few in a row that wont sitck to me and then I will be fine for awhile.

Sounds yaa, i have had this... a lot. I called up minimed when this happened last time. The skin under my quick set swelled up into it and hardened in a nipple looking round hard swell. The person on the other end asked me if i was pinching my skin up before putting in the quick set. I said yes... she said Don't. that the skin will be too thick- and that the quick set was designed for application on flat skin!! tada! Everything is all okay now!

As for 45degree inserts bad things happen if I hit veins- Blood Everywhere!!!

Glad everything worked out for ya Gina

Josh, you should try a product called 'sticky tac', it basically cements the site to your body