Two Rewards of Teaching

Hi again Everyone!!  I had my first day of inservice today and I ran into two former parents who are now teachers in my district.  BOTH parents stopped me today and shared with me what their sons are currently doing and how big of an influence I was in their lives!  And they both THANKED me for taking them under my wings and leading them in the right direction!  It brought a HUGE smile to my face and made me feel sooooo good about myself and the job that I am doing!  I am starting to see some of the rewards of teaching lately!  I must be getting older!  HAHAHA!  I am feeling so proud to be a teacher!!  Anybody have similar stories to share???  I know that what we do doesn't always get recognized, but I just had to share!  Can't wait to hear your stories;)

That is so awesome to hear!  I hope to inspire students someday as well, perhaps as early as 2012 when I'm scheduled to get my certificate.

I teach 4th grade and my very first class is graduating this year!  I see many of my former students and they still tell me that I am their favorite teacher still and some want to go into education because of the fun they had in my class.  I cannot believe my first class is graduating this year.  I feel so old (and I just turned 30)!

Yeah....I remember that year!  Wait until you are out having a nice dinner and having an adult beverage and you see one of your former students having an adult beverage!  Then you will really feel old!!!  I don't feel old....just more knowledgeable!!!:D

Two of my college students, went all the way to an MS degree in Math and returned to the community college to teach math there. My own students were there teaching in my department! It gave me such a strange feeling. They were very nice to me, and one of them said I had inspired her to major in math and become a teacher. That was nice too, but they had so much energy and I was beginning to burn out and fatigue hit me every day about noon. I retired a few years later, and taught part time through 2004. Lol!