Two things: herbal metabolism booster and cooking blog

does anyone use herbal metabolism boosters? i have some that i bought last year from the vitamin shop i get my mutli-vitamins(though I usually forget to take them), cold-defense(cold fx but herbal) and immune-booster(just when I start to feel sick). it came in a package with a fat burner pill too that you take 15mins before each meal.

has anyone taken a metabolism booster? i wonder if it's safe to use as a diabetic..and if it even does help!


also, i'm starting a cooking blog..because i'm trying to make a home cooked meal for my boyfriend and i at least three times a a way to eat healthier and learn to cook! but i can't think of a name haha. any suggestions? so far someone's said "dia-eatees" haha but it's not really a diabetic related blog.

ooooooooooo a cooking blog!! whenever you start it, let me know. i love cooking! call it "the delicious dish" and then hope SNL doesn't sue you. :o) or you could call it "cooking for 2" or "In the Woods: A cooking experiment" (it's a play on your name. get it, get it?) or how about "Going Batty: Cooking in the Woods." ahaha. i love making up names for stuff. they always suck, but it's still fun.

what kind of herbal metabolism boosters are you thinking of using? that will alter my opinon of them :o) for the most part, herbal metabolism boosters are safe (with the except of Phen-fen, which causes heart problems and killed a bunch of people). i don't know how they affect blood sugars, but i am guessing because they increase metabolism and cause you to burn through calories quicker, you may experience low blood sugar.... that's a guess, though.

i don't recommend metabolism boosters to any of my weight loss patients. the reason for that is because yes, it does boost your metabolism and help you lose weight, but if you don't plan on using them for the rest of your life, your metabolism will slow down as soon as you stop taking them, and the weight will come back on. also, metabolism boosters rarely work for a solid 12 or 24 hours - they usually run in spurts for a couple hours, so you feel really revved up for a few hours, then crash because everything slows down again (kinda like a caffeine crash). also, even though most herbals are safe, they are not FDA regulated meaning they can put almost any additive they want in it, which is usually a bunch of caffeine. be very mindful of your heart when taking a metabolism booster - if you notice any palpitations or rapid heart beat, immediately stop taking it!! it can cause serious problems. you also don't want your metabolism to begin to rely on the booster. if taken for a long period of time, your body will become really used to it and then won't know what to do without it, so it could slow down a lot.

weight loss is all about balancing calories in vs calories out. if you want to take a metabolism booster, i won't tell you "no", i'll tell you to do it safely :o) pay attention to the food you eat and your exercise, and of course your blood sugars. changing your diet and your exercise, as well as managing stress are the key points to weight loss. use a booster if you want, but use it sparingly. i would suggest using it just as a jump-start to your weight  loss. really focus on the permanent lifestyle changes and after a month or two on the booster, stop using it.

i wrote you a book. sorry. let me know if you have other questions :o)

hehe my friend came up with "Batts in my Bakery" tho it's not really accurate, so i think i'm gonna call it "Batts in my Kitchen" haha.

part of the reason i'm looking to start cooking is to help with weight loss(i gained about 10-15pounds over a few months when we were so busy we only ate crap and weren't very active) by eating good food at home. i'm trying to get back into exercising(though my schedule doesn't help that) especially now that the weather is nice out and i can walk..and i need to get back into swimming for my back too. so the pills would only be to help me while i try to get back on track as well :)

i can't remember what they are called right now, but i'll check when i get home later and see what the ingreds are(cant remember)


good for you! homecooking will be a big key for you because you can control what goes in it. i love cooking for myself. using fresh spices and fresh veggies makes my apartment smell yummy.

good luck! i hope it works for you :o)

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good for you! homecooking will be a big key for you because you can control what goes in it. i love cooking for myself. using fresh spices and fresh veggies makes my apartment smell yummy.

good luck! i hope it works for you :o)



thanks :) i'm still guessing my carb intake, but hopefully i'll see less swinging than when we eat junk! (even tho i look up what mcdicks carbs are..i always end up high afterwards, even when i take more than i normally would for that amount of carbs..yet another reason other than it being pretty gross not to eat it! haha)