Two Year Old won't keep pump on

Does anyone have any advise as to how to get a two year old to keep a pump on? Desperate!!

Does he (she) actively rip it off? Or is it a matter of it just not staying on due to activity?

A possible solution, Medtronic has a harness that goes on like a backpack and the pump is fastened in the middle of the back; intended for active children, for sporting. It may be too large for a two year old. And pumps [mine at least] can be operated remotely.

That might take care of the pump - you didn’t mention if your child was also pulling out the infusion piece. Where the heck do you find a place on a small child for that; my hat is off to you folks, I feel for you.

Are you using the contact detach? (With the needle?) We are having a similar issue with our 2 yr old (3/28/13). His skin is very irritated and he scratches at his pump and cgm until they come off. We have temporarily given up on the cgm, but we are not willing to abandon the pump. Although he is a big boy, I started squeezing him back into onsies. If he has tegraderm, diaper, onsie, and shorts, it been very hard for him to get to it. (We use a fanny pack for the pump itself) Bath and diaper changes are still challenging, but we tell him “don’t scratch at your pump-that will hurt you” and he always asks “why” but stops temporarily.
I hate that it bothers him, and we put a lot of aquaphor on his skin when pump is rotated.

Hello! Since our toddler went on a pump, and then CGM, we put back pockets on all her onesies, (mid upper back), and place the infusion set on her buttocks, so she can’t reach it. The sensor goes on the other buttock, over a Tough Pad, with a windowed Tegaderm over it. She has also had a lot of issues with skin irritation. We are now trying Cavilon as a barrier wipe for both sites, hoping for less abrasion. Hope this helps with your baby, too! Best wishes!