Tylenol Junior Strength Meltaways


My son had a headache and I gave him two Tylenol Junior Strength Meltaways.  His sugar two hours later was 227.  I don't know whether to assume his high was related to the Tylenol or the headache.  Should I have bolused him for the Tylenol and how many carbs are in each of these tablets?


good question. I am new to the diabetes world, and things like this never crossed my mind.  I am curious to see the answers you recieve. Hope he is feeling better :)

We always have to keep in mind that each child is different and that if you pose a question to five different doctors, you'll probably get five different answers.  Our doctor has always said that over-the-counter meds aren't what the biggest concern is regarding sugar levels, but what's causing the need for the tylenol, cough meds, allergy pills, etc.  Sometimes we just ride it out until the next check with extra fluids and a little protein - IF we can get some yogurt in her (5 yr old, diagnosed 7 months ago).  You're doing great!  :)


My son just turned 10 last week and had his one year anniversary.  When he gets sick several diabetic endocrinologist and educators said meltaways and Temprah (flavored liquid tylenol in Canada) is fine eventhough it has a tiny bit of sugar nothing to be concerned about.  What will affect the blood sugar is the virus/cold/flu etc... so lots of fluids, rest and checking for ketones.  Call your diabetic nurse if need be.  Winter months and cold and flu season are always fun :-( NOT.  I do give my son the flu shot which he has taken since he was a baby every year as he also has asthma and this has really helped against the flu (not the stomach flu of course).  Good luck!!!