Type 1.5?

Can anyone educate me on what Type 1.5 is?  A neighbor of my brothers has Type 1.5 and is on a pump. I've heard others talk about it recently but I still haven't a clue!  Is it similar to the type 1A and type 1B posts?  Does it have to do with age, still producing some insulin but not like a Type 2?  Just curious.........

wow....I have never heard of a type 1.5 before. It must be a sortof new thing.

LOL   I was talking to my brother about his neighbor which is what got me curious.  I've heard of it, just never really paid close attention....


I came across this information, I have no idea how true or correct it may be though.

My dad was diagnosed at age 36 with T2. He was put on a pill, did the recommended diet and exercise. He started to spill keytones and his body stopped making insulin. Just before his 38th birthday they had put him on insulin injections. It sounds similar to what I understand T1.5 to be. I was diagnosed 6 years prior to my dad getting his diabetes.