Type 1 and Echinacea


So, I’m hearing conflicting info on whether or not it is safe for T1Ds to take echinacea. Some of the info sounds fairly terrifying.
Does anyone know?
Thanks in advance!

I’ve tried one “dose” echinacea a couple of times - it’s been so long I can’t recall what for our how much I took - but it upset my stomach right away each time so I haven’t used it again. Just as people find that certain foods or meds (rx or over the counter) give them some sort of discomfort I thought that was the case here.
Researching any treatment is wise and a quick Google search reminded me that it should only be taken for a short time so whatever it does, it is not meant for the long haul by anyone.
As to your specific question, people on the forum share personal experience and make suggestions to try based on that, but we don’t provide medical advice. For that you will want to talk to your doctor, pharmacist or a specialist in herbal healing or natural medicine (some people may quake at the last two but I have a friend who works professionally in the field and knows her stuff).

Thank you.
I’m definitely calling my doc, I was just wondering if any T1Ds knew of anything from experience or research.