Type 1 and Fibromyalgia

Does anyone else in the group have multiple autoimmune diseases? I’m a type 1 and also have RA and fibromyalgia. Really hoping I’m not alone here…

T1, had Graves’ disease now hypo from total thyroidectomy. Have fibromyalgia. Plus several other serious non-auto immune diseases.

I’ve had type 1 for going on 24 years, along with it I’ve got auto immune hepititis, auto immune hemolytic anemia, wegners granulomatosis, ITP, and they say lupus but because the symptoms are so closely related to all the others and I’ve never had the rash or blood tests showing it there I don’t believe that one. I think the most frustrating part of these is not the biopsy or the multiple transfusions or chemo, but the push for steroids. The other specialist seem to not either care or understand how this impacts your blood sugar. I’m in the midst of my liver flaring now, normal With that the rest flare too, but time will tell. Being yellow is just my norm right now.

i am only 14 but i do have t1d, fibromyalgia, and ibs. my doctors have told me that having one autoimmune disorder may lead to others.

Wondering if anyone out there has type 1 and a bladder disease called intersticial cystitus. It’s a chronic pain disease closely related to fibromyalgia. I have recently had success with Lyrica. Have you tried that one for fibromyalgia?